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43 Saved – Thousands to Go

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 9:30am
Emaciated boxer from puppy mill

For 43 dogs in Nancy, Kentucky, a single day changed everything. On January 21, the ASPCA raided Dream Catcher Kennels, a puppy mill where the dogs were being housed in filthy conditions with little to no shelter from the elements. Cries and yelps rang out through the icy winter air as member s of our Field Investigations and Response Team removed the animals and transported them to a nearby shelter. Finally safe, the dogs received medical care and slept in warm beds—probably for the first time in their lives.

It has been six months since that fateful day, and we want to give you an update on the lives we saved and the progress we have made: Find out what happened to the Kentucky dogs and the mill owner, Dennis Bradley.

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Puppy mills are an insidious problem in the United States. The ASPCA estimates that there  are between 6,000 and 10,000 commercial breeding facilities operating in the country, and we refuse to rest until every single mill dog is safe. In addition to raids like the one in Kentucky, we are on the ground in states around the nation fighting for the passage of stronger laws to crack down on puppy mills.

We believe that no dog should suffer for profit, and we are determined to keep the momentum of these last six months going. If you are ready to stand against puppy mills, stand with the ASPCA. Join the fight by making a donation today.

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It is unbearable to see these photos of starved and terrified and abused and neglected animals. That humans do this to helpless animals just so they can make a buck with their horrid puppy mills is beyond belief. How low can humans go? Just look at that photo! (Just look at a photo of animals used for experiments in labs! Just look at how some farm animals are treated!) Thank you to the ASPCA for their constant fight against the horrors of puppy mills.

Linda Benfield

I agree 100%, Emma. How low can a human being go???!!! And, usually, it's all about the mighty buck! It's disgusting!! (And, I don't think the majority of humans are even aware this happens.)


I am so glad these poor babies got a another chance at better lives . These puppy mills make me sick , and the people that run them and own them should rot in hell . The punishment this guy got I don't feel was anything near what he should have gotten . And whats with the not being able to run a kennel during his probation ??? Did I read that correctly ? He shouldn't run a kennel nor be around animals for the rest of his rotten life . Bless these babies , prayers that they all get the loving homes they deserve .