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Your Cat’s Time to Shine: It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Monday, June 2, 2014 - 3:15am
Your Cat’s Time to Shine: It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

This month, it’s time to celebrate our feline friends: June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Each year, we use this month to spread awareness of millions of homeless cats across the country who are waiting to join loving families. Here at the ASPCA, we’re working every day to provide TLC to cats in shelters—both at our New York City Adoption Center, and through our partner animal welfare groups nationwide.

If you’ve considered adding a furry friend to your household, please think about adopting a cat this month. Check out adoptable cats at our New York City shelter, and peruse our database of available cats at shelters across the country. Do you already have a feline friend of your own? Visit our Cat Care section.

Thanks for helping us spread the word and celebrate shelter cats all month long!

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I hope that all of the gorgeous shelter cats find beautiful homes.


So do I, especially right now. I'm just about to lose a long-treasured friend to a long battle with cancer. I am overtaken with grief every day when I get up, and every night when I go to sleep. He continues to cuddle with me and my husband, and he purrs when he's petted, so we know it's not QUITE his time. He barely eats, so the vet advised us to get him some kitten food, as that is sometimes yummier and always more caloricaly dense than regular food. Please think of us this week as we go through this very difficult time.


I just lost my beautiful cat of 13 years to breast cancer in late May, about a week ago. I understand completely what you're going thru. I have cried just about every day since and haven't stopped.

david Powell

I am so sorry for your grief. I will be thinking of you and
your treasured friend. just love him as hard as you can till its time.


We lost our sweet orange guy to kidney cancer the day before Christmas last year. Three of our cats had gotten ill from some virus and it was only near the end it was determined the actual cause of his downhill spiral. We miss him dearly. I will think of you and your sweetie. I'm so sorry you must go through this.


Gretchen, you and your family are in my thoughts & prayers....such a difficult time. I have 11 kitties and a dog, have lost many...I feel your pain & wish I could take it from you. God Bless...<3

Ava Darko

OMG I am so sorry, I am in tears reading your post. It is so difficult what you are experiencing. I too would be devastated. I have 12 babies and everyday is a blessing sharing my life with them, I don't mind the hard work and the $ it takes to feed and care for such a large kitty family. I can't imagine life any other way. God bless you for all that you are doing for that little angel, and for the wonderful life I am sure you provided him with.


I went through the same time with my beautiful Siamese Snowshoe Mulan. To her last day, she wanted to play but could no longer eat. Some friends helped me to afford her care and we had the most wonderful three months - drawing closer together. It was surpassing hard, but I wouldn't trade one minute of that time. My heart is with you.

Jane Davison

It is wonderful that June is adopt a cat month. Mocha and Cappuccino were adopted in April and July