You’re Invited to Our #PuppyLove Dating Show and Trivia Party!

Monday, February 4, 2013 - 5:15pm
dating show flyer

A dating show for dogs? You bet! Please join us on February 12 for a special Twitter party and “live” video event to help spread awareness about pet adoption. The hour-long, Valentine’s Day-themed event will showcase some of our super-cute adoptable pets in a very unique way—think 1970s dating show!

We’ll also be asking trivia questions about legendary animal/human couples and giving away prizes every FIVE minutes! One grand prize winner will receive an ASPCA Tender Voices collection sparkling diamond pendant donated by Zales. Plus, all party guests will receive a secret coupon code for 15% off everything at the ASPCA Online Store.

Our friends from The Fluffington Post and DogTipper will be co-hosting the event—so be sure to tune in to from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. (EST)! And don't forget to follow hashtag #PuppyLove on Twitter to compete for cool prizes in our trivia game!

Not quite sure how to join a Twitter Party? Check out our How to Join a Twitter Party Guide.

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Please make Animal abuse a Felony


This should of been a felony offense a long time ago. Shameful of us to not have this be a felony offense already. We need to defend people and animals who cannot defend themselves!

Sue Houseman

Please make animal abuse a felony. Helpless animals are counting on us.

Cynthia Buczkowske

Inhumanity to animals? How could it not be a crime. It is a crime against nature. It is our right, priviledge, and obligation to protect those in our care....

catherine B. Ma...

Please make any way,shape, or form of abuse or neglect be charged as a felony. Most serial killers and abusers got their start abusing the family pets. If they do that to the doggies, God fear what they will do to people, i.e. usually women and children.

Barbara J Frederick

Yes, a felony, and perhaps a federal crime, since so many states still have very lax animal abuse laws. How we treat animals and children is a valid measure of how civilized we are.


Animal abuse should be illigal!!!!!

Michelle Moon

On Feb 8, 2013

I and the family would like to watch this but since we don't use Face Book, Twitter as their a way that we can
view it just from Our Computer.

Love your,
Friend Michelle

Susan Yeaman

Please make Animal Abuse a Felony Crime! ! ! This would do so much for our furry friends! ! !


This measure must be passed!!! The best way to protect animals is to punish those who hurt them. Make animal abuse a crime!!