Is Your Pet a Gold Medalist?

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 12:15pm

The 2012 London Summer Games are officially upon us, and while it’s tempting to spend all day in front of the boob tube absorbing all the action, why not take advantage of the dog days of summer to engage in your own feats of strength and develop your athletic prowess?

Here’s a motivator—adding your pets into the mix makes exercise both more fun and more adorable.

We bet your pet would love a learning a new sport or trick with you! Whether it’s running, hiking, dog sports such as agility or just a vigorous game of fetch or hide-and-seek, exercise is great for pets’ health and keeps them mentally stimulated, balanced and happy.

So let the Summer Games inspire you and your four-legged teammates to get moving!

For more ideas, check out our top ways to keep your pet happy and active.

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I am so happy that everyone here has a dog that is so smart and athletic etc... Me? I have a GIANT black Lab. 125lbs..6 years old..Dumb as a rock runs only when chasing rabbits ..but he is VERY protective of me. For a Lab he can be vicious if someone approaches me and can sense if I am in danger. HE has come to my aid before and I would NEVER trade him for anything...he adores me and I him


tooo funny !!!! my black lab can be pretty dumb sometimes, too. but he's protective too and stays right by my knee and always looks to see where I am. But he did knock my legs out from under me once and gave me a concussion; but I still love him very much.


My dog otis is a english mastiff half chocolate lab mix. He just got back from playing a mean game of football with my husband and I! He is about 130 and has amazing agility for his size we love love love him soooooo much! He is definately in the olympic spirit!

My pet is really a Gold medalist, must say you have been a great help.
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