Win an ASPCA Puppy Mill Advocacy Kit!

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:00pm
ASPCA responder holding puppy mill dog

Right now, the ASPCA is on the ground in Kentucky rescuing dozens of dogs from an overrun puppy mill. The dogs were discovered living in filthy conditions with little to no protection from extreme weather. Unfortunately, puppy mills like this are still legal across the country. And that’s just not right!

What can you do to help? Spread the word to all your friends that puppy mills are bad places. You can also enter to win one of our special ASPCA Puppy Mill Advocacy Kits! Simply visit our online form, and tell us why you think puppy mills are bad. You could win the following items:

  • ASPCA Puppy Mill Message Tote
  • ASPCA Puppy Mill Message Tee
  • 10 ASPCA Orange Wristbands to share with your friends
  • And much more!

Working together we can help end puppy mills for good!

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Mary Ann Skinnion

Why don't you encourage people to boycott stores that sell puppies, but also MALLS that have pet stores that sell puppies. I no longer frequent a local mall that has a pet store with puppies.

Hilda M. Burciaga

I agree with you Mary Ann Skinnion.


Not sure about boycotting the puppy mills because what would happen to those poor dogs?


In most cases, the dogs are nursed back to health (IF POSSIBLE,) given needed vet care, and they are placed in foster care or up for ADOPTION. Sadly, in some cases, the dogs are in such poor health, that may not be possible. There are many organizations that specifically care for RESCUES.


If you buy a puppy from a "breeder" like this you are just encouraging them and putting money in their pocket.


would you be interested in starting a protest in long island ?


It would be UNACCEPTABLE for us to live under those conditions, AND it is UNACCEPTABLE for animals to be bred that way. Insensitivity and GREED take priority over raising puppies in caring, healthy, and safe environments!

sandy weinstein

in nc there are still stores that sell puppies. nc is one of the worst states for puppy mills b/c the laws are so lax and sometimes not enforced. i know of one pet rescue that has put stores in the malls, which i find it good, they rotate out the pets. also many of the petstores like petco, petsmart, etc. have rescue days and have pets in the stores for people to adopt, which i think is good. laws need to be enforced which is a big problem with the puppy mills. i wish we could save them all. what a wonderful world that would be....maybe 2014 will bring better results.