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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 2:00pm
No Pet Store Puppies sign

While you’re out shopping in the weeks ahead, you might see a giant puppy staring at you from an ASPCA billboard! Because puppies are a popular holiday gift, we’re using these billboards to educate people about the overwhelming likelihood that puppies bought in pet shops were born in puppy mills.

We’ve learned that nearly 80% of consumers would not purchase a puppy if they knew he/she came from a puppy mill. The problem is that most people are still not aware that almost all pet store puppies do come from puppy mills.

We know buying a pet store puppy as a present might make your family happy, but your purchase would most likely support the cruel puppy mill industry. Operators of puppy mills breed dogs in unsanitary, overcrowded and often inhumane conditions where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.

We need your help sharing this message. Please take the following actions to help fight puppy mills!

Make the Billboard Your Facebook Cover Image!
We’ve created a special Facebook cover photo that looks just like our new billboard! In a few easy steps you can download the image and use it as the cover image on your own page. Think of it like your own personal billboard! Click here to start spreading awareness.

Sign the Puppy Mill Pledge!
Another easy way you can help fight puppy mills is to sign the No Pet Store Puppy Pledge! By signing the pledge, you vow not to buy anything in pet stores or on websites that sell puppies. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie! Click here to sign.

To learn more about where pet store puppies come from, visit

No Pet Store Puppies Billboard

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While I think it's important to focus on puppies sold in pet stores as a strategy to fight animal abuse that occurs in puppy mills, I believe that we also need to find out who and where these puppy mills are located. I know that there are limited resources to do this and to apply enforcement regarding the standards of care and practice, but I think they need to be exposed. They don't want to be on the radar and they sure don't want to be exposed. I took in two Maltese dogs that were from a puppy mill. I didn't know it at the time because the owner just sounded like she wanted to retire a couple dogs. It didn't even register to me what that meant. I was just excited to get them. Both dogs had serious health problems from what I assume was inbreading. They also weren't socialized and were so scared to be around me at first. They warmed up a little overtime, but they were never fully responsive to being treated with love. One ate her poop because I think she was the runt and had to fight for her food. She acted like she was always hungry and inhaled her food even though I fed her well. They also had huge tatoos on their bellys with their names, they were debarked and one of them had to have C-sections because she was so small. They did that to her for three litters. One developed breast cancer. She died first. The other one had a congenital disease where her body attacked itself. She died prematurely as well. This situation just broke my heart and I tried to give them the best life possible because they didn't deserve to experience such abuse. I wish that I knew how to find the owner, but she feel of the radar. I took in another dog. The owner wanted to meet at McDonalds. She said it was so we could meet halfway since they lived in northern CA and I lived in central CA. But now that I think about it, I believe they just didn't want me to go to their site to see what conditions the dogs were living in and they didn't want me to know where it was located. She also has behavioral problems and she acts like she has been beaten. She's scared of everything, but on the other hand, she is agressive because I think she feels the need to protect herself since she feels so scared. Again, I wish I knew where they were located as well because I would love to expose these puppy mills, break them up and have the owners be punished through the legal system. Now I have another dog that I'm beginning to wonder about. She is starting to have unusual and significant health problems. I would love to know how to fight this head on. If anybody has suggestions on how to stop this, break them up and expose them, please respond with what you know. Thank you.


I have a serious concern. What will come of all the puppies that no one is going to buy? And what of the dogs left at these puppy mills because pet stores no longer will take them?


Echo- That's a concern of so many people and it needs to be put on the back burner for now because there are enough rescues, fosters and shelters among individuals who would take them in. No matter where they go, it has to be better than where they are now and it's going to stop this chain.


I just want to know one thing. Why did you come to Georgetown, DE and euthanize 19 dogs? There was nothing wrong with them! There were people there ready to adopt. And they got turned away. Why? I love animals, but you will never get a cent out of me. Believe me, this will get around. Let's see how long it takes for donations to end. What you did was sick and cruel. You're SUPPOSE to be against animal cruelty. Well what do you call euthanizing 20 perfectly fine dogs that did not deserve to die? CRUELTY!!! They deserved to live and be taken to a loving home. May these 20 fur babies R.I.P.

Xander DuPont

I would like to point out that this comment was removed at some point and I'm re-posting it.

Is this not a win-lose situation? Where if the dogs are being treated wrong in the puppy mills and no one is buying them, will they not continue to be mistreated and lonely? And, do you not still pay for an adopted animal? I mean it sounds like a great cause, but who is really getting the better of whom? In the first paragraph of the blog aspca, states, "we’re using these billboards to educate people about the overwhelming likelihood that puppies bought in pet shops were born in puppy mills." I would like to point out that this says "overwhelming likelihood" which to me means that they are not entirely sure that pet store puppies are from these puppy mills. But then in the second paragraph aspca, claims, "almost all pet store puppies do come from puppy mills. I think that the situation as a whole needs to be explained a little better.

-Xander Dupont

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