Will You Share Our Awesome Puppy Mill Billboard on Facebook?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 2:00pm
No Pet Store Puppies sign

While you’re out shopping in the weeks ahead, you might see a giant puppy staring at you from an ASPCA billboard! Because puppies are a popular holiday gift, we’re using these billboards to educate people about the overwhelming likelihood that puppies bought in pet shops were born in puppy mills.

We’ve learned that nearly 80% of consumers would not purchase a puppy if they knew he/she came from a puppy mill. The problem is that most people are still not aware that almost all pet store puppies do come from puppy mills.

We know buying a pet store puppy as a present might make your family happy, but your purchase would most likely support the cruel puppy mill industry. Operators of puppy mills breed dogs in unsanitary, overcrowded and often inhumane conditions where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.

We need your help sharing this message. Please take the following actions to help fight puppy mills!

Make the Billboard Your Facebook Cover Image!
We’ve created a special Facebook cover photo that looks just like our new billboard! In a few easy steps you can download the image and use it as the cover image on your own page. Think of it like your own personal billboard! Click here to start spreading awareness.

Sign the Puppy Mill Pledge!
Another easy way you can help fight puppy mills is to sign the No Pet Store Puppy Pledge! By signing the pledge, you vow not to buy anything in pet stores or on websites that sell puppies. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie! Click here to sign.

To learn more about where pet store puppies come from, visit

No Pet Store Puppies Billboard

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