Will There Be a Horse Slaughter Plant in New Mexico!?

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 3:15pm
Close up of a horse's face

In a shocking revelation, the U. S. Department of Agriculture just confirmed that it will process Valley Meat Co. LLC’s application for a grant of inspection to begin slaughtering horses for human consumption in Roswell, New Mexico. The confirmation comes just days after furniture giant Ikea removed its signature Swedish meatballs from markets across most of Europe after they were found to contain horse meat.

“Given the current firestorm of outrage over horsemeat entering the food supply in Europe, it is time for Congress to prevent even one more American horse from suffering this terrible fate and stop horse slaughter in the U.S. once and for all,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming 80% of Americans oppose the slaughtering of horses for human consumption, Valley Meat will be the first facility to butcher horses for human consumption on U.S. soil since 2007 if its application is approved. Horses are not biologically suited for commercial slaughter and are difficult to stun before dismemberment. They will endure terrible trauma and cruelty if the plant opens for business.

“If the USDA moves forward with allowing the cruel and toxic horse slaughter industry to enter our country, this administration is leading our nation in precisely the wrong direction,” says Perry.  

Please Take Action Today!

Please call the White House message line at (202) 456-1111 and urge the Obama administration to stop horse slaughter! Here’s all you need to say:

“Please use your power to prevent any horse slaughterhouses from opening in the U.S. and to prevent the slaughter of our horses in other countries. Horses are not raised for food. This industry is cruel to horses and endangers consumers, who are eating a toxic product.”

Thank you!

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what BRILLIant person came up with the idea of a HORSE SLAUGHTERING PLANT!?!?!?!?!


Yes! We need to keep sending these horses to Mexico where the slaughter practices are truly horrifying! I find it obscene that the USDA would dare to allow humane euthanasia procedures for horses in America. Disgusting.

This is too much. We don't need that here, do we?


Well I am not in the 80% of those apposed to horse slaughter plants. Yes, I am a horse owner and lover. However, I have seen the cruelty of humans who own horses who can't take care of them. This means horses that are skin a bones, who have not seen a fresh bucket of water in days, or a single grain of food or flake of hay. The reality of the issue regarding the slaughter plants is there will "hopefully" be no more suffering of horses who are not cared for. By having these facilities running in the US it gives those owners and "out" if you will instead of just letting the horse suffer and die over months of agony. I would much rather know that a horse is not suffering by being sold to a plant. You can say it's "inhumane" and whatnot but what is "humane" about letting a horse suffer from neglect?


NM is one of the WORST states for animal cruelty and neglect. I'd encourage the federal government to get involved if the people there can't do the right thing. AWFUL

sad american

NO HORSE SLAUGHTER IN USA!!!!!I refuse to pay for USDA funding!!!I will fight heart and soul to the end of horse slaughter!!!


Horses r amazing animals I should know I ride them. I think if a horse is injured you shouldn't slaughter it because it doesn't mean they're useless it just means you can't ride them or they have trouble walking but there are ways to help that. Make the horse feel like they are loved. Love is a cure for everything. When my horse was sick I stayed by her side and she got better because I loved her and she knew I wasn't going to let her down

Pam Cohen

What in the world is wrong with this country? Why is there is no regard for animals in our progressive society? Could Washington greed be responsible? Where there is no money to be made, politicians simply don't care. There's no huge animal corporation, no wealthy animal lobby group, no incentive for politicians to pass bills, not enough "contributions" for campaigns from animal groups, and certainly no interest in animal protection agencies, especially by the mostly heartless repub politicians.
Putting horses in the same category as livestock is sentencing them to the same torturous fate our beloved cows, pigs, and chickens endure. Our vile factory farm system gets away with persecuting innocent animals, because their large corporations and bureaus have money, enough money to run the government and tell the USDA what to do. I don't know anyone who trusts the USDA or believes they have the people's best interest.
President Obama signed into law that horses slaughter ban could be lifted in the U.S. in order to humanely take care of sick, neglected horses and to stop the inhumane practice of shipping horses to Mexico for slaughter. Well, there are enough videos and ex handlers' stories out there that tell us there are no humane animal slaughter houses in the U.S. factory farm industry. And as an added insult, horses are still being shipped to Mexico, another horrific practice they are forced to endure by our government.


Horses being sent to the USDA's idea of humane slaughter is no way, shape or form better than the situation they are in. Are the people going to be allowed in to these facilities anytime, unannounced with cameras to prove the horses aren't tortured? I don't think so. And, until that is the normal practice in the meat industry, I believe you are fooling yourself. I hate to say it but the humane thing to do for neglected, ill, horses would be to put them down humanely rather than sentence them to a horrific fate in a USDA facility or sending them to Mexico. Why is it so easy for people to say, oh the horses will be better off this way and then turn their backs? All one has to do is go on The Humane Society, ASPCA,and PETA websites to find out what really happens to our livestock and animals in this country.

Charmaine Shannon

This is HORRIFIC!! Why are "MONEY MAKERS" ALWAYS involved in this kind of ABUSE?? This is INHUMANE CRUELITY and WE DO NOT want it!! "BAN" ALL Horse Slaughter Everywhere....