Will There Be a Horse Slaughter Plant in New Mexico!?

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 3:15pm
Close up of a horse's face

In a shocking revelation, the U. S. Department of Agriculture just confirmed that it will process Valley Meat Co. LLC’s application for a grant of inspection to begin slaughtering horses for human consumption in Roswell, New Mexico. The confirmation comes just days after furniture giant Ikea removed its signature Swedish meatballs from markets across most of Europe after they were found to contain horse meat.

“Given the current firestorm of outrage over horsemeat entering the food supply in Europe, it is time for Congress to prevent even one more American horse from suffering this terrible fate and stop horse slaughter in the U.S. once and for all,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming 80% of Americans oppose the slaughtering of horses for human consumption, Valley Meat will be the first facility to butcher horses for human consumption on U.S. soil since 2007 if its application is approved. Horses are not biologically suited for commercial slaughter and are difficult to stun before dismemberment. They will endure terrible trauma and cruelty if the plant opens for business.

“If the USDA moves forward with allowing the cruel and toxic horse slaughter industry to enter our country, this administration is leading our nation in precisely the wrong direction,” says Perry.  

Please Take Action Today!

Please call the White House message line at (202) 456-1111 and urge the Obama administration to stop horse slaughter! Here’s all you need to say:

“Please use your power to prevent any horse slaughterhouses from opening in the U.S. and to prevent the slaughter of our horses in other countries. Horses are not raised for food. This industry is cruel to horses and endangers consumers, who are eating a toxic product.”

Thank you!

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Jill Doran

Of all the creatures in the world, we've gone this low. Yes, we have the most "evolved" brain. Evolved for what? I think we are the lowest on the totem pole. humans kill for gluttony, over consumption, even for fun!! On the other hand, animals kill to survive. They don't binge or over eat like we do. If anything, all animals should go to heaven. Humans on the other hand should be screamed thoroughly.


We slaughter cows, pigs, chickens and MANY other animals. I live in Wyoming. There is no longer a horse slaughter establishment here. I helped protest and petition it's closure, I was wrong to do that! There are horses being turned out into the wild where there is no food, no water, no shelter and many times these horses are injured or weak from lack of care. It is horrible to watch this. I have spoken to people to try and open a rescue but resources are hard to secure. Maybe the real problem should be addressed, the horses and ALL animals should be cared for in such a manor that if one day this is their fate, they will be considered healthy. ALSO the slaughter houses ALL need to be clean and animals kept as calm and happy as they possibly could be. No injuring of ANY animal should EVER happen! When they are killed it must be painless and needs to happen in the blink of an eye. What people do here in Wyoming is horrifying. You must see how things really are, not just how it sounds or how it is represented. I went out and saw first hand how these horses suffer in the wild. I am against all forms of animal cruelty and I hate seeing something do innocent suffer. We need better, stronger laws.

Sandra Radwin

OMG please do not let this happen. I hate people sometimes.

Lara Phillips

Animals deserve the same as humans!!! Why are we exerting our power over all animals just because they don't have a voice! Lets care for our wonderful creatures instead of inflicting pain and suffering!!!

I urge you all to write, call, tweet, share to make this stop. Here is my letter to Mr. Obama and Vilsack:

"What you will allow, Will continue"

Certainly living in the Washington DC "bubble" cannot be the only reason that you and President Obama have ignored the thousands upon thousands of voices that have ask repeatedly to continue to protect this animal. After all, they have helped fight our wars (no compensation received) they have help forge a path to the West (no compensation received) hauled our coal to heat our homes (no compensation received).

And the gratitude for all they have done for our Country, their invaluable cooperation into making this Country what it has become, thanks to their mighty, mighty contribution, is to be slaughtered inhumanely, callously and in a cruel and viscous way.

Have you even had the courage to watch how horrendous this is? Here, give it a go and then look people in the eye and agree to open back up a slaughter plant again. and

I am sure you have not. It would keep you up at night hearing their screams of pain and anguish, but then again, I would have to say that you just may be missing an empathy gene if it does not affect you as it does 99.9% of us.

But instead, the "moneyed, upwardly mobile, cowboy (and cowgirls) moguls of slaughter" insist that we send this wonderful meat to the European masses, complete with carcinogens and other nasty toxins, and hey! Let's get the American Taxpayer to foot the bill to inspect it!

I think not.

Who do you really think you are kidding? With the recent scandal abroad, do you honestly think that you would be able to send this animal's body as a food? Anywhere? In the World? What planet are you living in? Honestly?

I'll tell you this, your lack of respect to continue to ignore our voices, Sir, is unconscionable. Your Honor, your Courage to speak against this is down right cowardly, for both you and Mr. Obama. Profit cannot be the only motivation here? What, tired of warehousing 40,000 horses and burros and need to exterminate them to get more money in the coffer? What, the billions of dollars that we are giving oil and gas in subsidies are not enough? You want to open up more land so that they can continue to consume until it is a wasteland? Spill oil all over people and habitats just like they did in the Gulf? What is it going to take to get you to step back and actually see what we see?

Let me remind you Mr. Vilsack, history will have a completely different view of you and Mr. Obama. It has a way of coming back, in a negative way, and it will show future generations how miserably you both failed the American people and this American Icon. How can you not have the courage (after seeing how cruel this is) to look the American Public in the eyes and have the courage to speak against it and give nothing but the truth about this cruel process?.

I think that if you had a chance to meet your great, great grandchildren and they asked one question to the both of you “Why didn't you stop this?" You would not be able to answer it truthfully. Your legacy will be the complete and utter failure to understand this issue and all of its complexities. You are instead choosing to maim, torture and slaughter a sentient, feeling, fine and noble creature, for profit....let me repeat that for you......for a piece of paper.

It is too bad that I won't be here to see the horror on your future generations faces, and the shame this will bring them. But the good news is, with the internet, video, FaceBook, Twitter, my great, great grandchildren will certainly know, in no uncertain terms, that I did speak against this, and for them. And it will be the legacy that I send down through the ages as a decent, caring human being, my legacy will be one of compassion, of enduring years of trying to make people like you and Mr. Obama see that we are stewards of this planet, where all beings belong and have a place, as they have had for Eons. Your legacy and Mr. Obama's will be down right shameful.

Franceska Siracusa

God made all of His creatures and some He made to eat and others are for us to take care of and treat them with the most utter respect. God is watching and He knows what is happening in this world and He is not happy with the state of affairs. All of us are His children and He loves His animals. "Vengence is mine saith the Lord" What is wromg with this country, doesen't anyone get the news here in the United States, that as long as we allow this torture to go on, this country will no longer be under Gods Grace. The more we kill our beautiful creatures out there, the more horrible things keep happening in this country. The government needs to get smart and stop this from happening. Horses are beautiful and they need to have the wild range to run free and have happiness like people do. We are suppose to be of a higher echilon, but some people are lower than snakes.
President Obama, you sir need to step up to the plate and stop this from happening, because the people who voted for you are counting on you to make the right choices out there. Our children need to be taught respect for animals and how can you teach them if slaughter keeps happening to our beloved animals. All of us are counting on you to make the right choice and close this chop shop down, before it opens. This is a sick, disgusting act of injustice to our horses. STOP THIS NOW!


Utterly disgusting. I cannot even believe this is a consideration of the USDA.


Please lets stop all Horse Slaughter Plants

Naomi Gaitan

This is unacceptable. This exemplifies the fact that our government ignores the voice of the American public. After all the efforts it took to close these plants back in 2007 we are back to square one?! President Obama has failed us, he has failed the horses. If his signing away of their protection was so innocent, why does he not remedy his mistake by insuring horse slaughter is not allowed in our country. I have no respect for or confidence in my government any longer. I feel neglected, abused, and subjecated. Roswell, NM you would be wise to review the information available about Kaufman, TX & learn what you can expect from allowing such a facility to exist in your neighborhood. I hope that everyone reading this will call the Whitehouse & speak against allowing horse slaughter back into our country.


This is unneeded for anything!