Will New Jersey Be the Next State to Ban Horse Slaughter?

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 1:30pm
Horse leaning over a fence

California, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi and Oklahoma have already banned horse slaughter and/or the sale of horse meat for human consumption, and we’re hoping New Jersey will be next. A bill banning the slaughter of horses for human consumption, as well as related activities such as selling and transporting horse meat and live horses for slaughter, overwhelmingly passed the New Jersey Legislature in June.

Unfortunately, Governor Chris Christie has not yet signed the bill into law, and it’s not clear that he intends to. We encourage all New Jerseyans to ask the governor to sign the bill—Garden State animal lovers, please take action now.

There are currently no slaughterhouses processing horse meat for human consumption in the U.S.—the last ones shut down in 2007. However, the foreign-owned companies that used to profit from selling the meat of American horses overseas are trying hard to get this industry back up and running.

Because the resumption of horse slaughter would be a giant step backward for animals, the ASPCA, along with the entire animal welfare community, has spent years lobbying Congress to ban horse slaughter and the transport of horses for slaughter nationwide. Until we succeed, it is vital that individual states continue to stand against this horrific practice by passing their own bans.

Want to help pass strong laws to protect horses from slaughter? Stay informed and make your voice heard as a member of the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade! Sign up for ASPCA Advocacy emails here.

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Patrica Riggleman

I am very happy that there are states that are banning horse slaughter and this should be mantaory in every state and any where else that this is happening. Please stop this creutly to GOD'S CREATURES.

Lori Groshens

Those people who breed dogs for fighting are the cruelest people.They should get more than 4 years in prison. My heart goes out to those poor animal.I have 4 dogs and love them very much could not think of hurting them.I could only hope all the dogs figthers be stopped.