Who'll Be the ASPCA's 2014 Calendar Cover Model? Cast Your Vote!

Monday, August 5, 2013 - 1:15pm

Every year, the ASPCA creates a top-quality wall calendar that we give out to our friends and supporters. These calendars feature ASPCA team members and their adopted pets—and around the office, competition to make it into the calendar is pretty steep!

We're putting our 2014 calendar together right now, and staffers representing all 12 months of the year have been photographed with their furry friends. There's only one big decision left to make, and we’re leaving the answer up to you: Who should grace the calendar’s cover?

We've narrowed down the field to four contenders. Check out the photos that are in the running, read a little about the sweet, adopted subjects, and then cast your vote for our 2014 Cover Dog or Cat. The pet whose photo gets the most votes will have his or her face in homes all over America!

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I have two black (male) cats, so I can't stop now. Kenya you have my vote, sorry Deacon, Penny and Hazel. Good luck to all the contestants, but in my book you are all winners hands down!


I have two black (male) cats, so I'm a little biased. Kenya has my vote. Sorry Deacon, Penny & Hazel. Good luck to all the contestants and in my book you are all winners! Thank you ASPCA!


The cats are beautiful but it was such a tuff decision between Deacon and Penny.

I went with Deacon !


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