Who'll Be the ASPCA's 2013 Calendar Cover Model? Cast Your Vote!

Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 11:30am
calendar cat

We're putting our 2013 calendar together right now, and staffers and volunteers representing all 12 months of the year have been photographed with their furry friends. There's only one big decision left to make, and we’re leaving the answer up to you: Who should grace the calendar’s cover?

We've narrowed down the field to four contenders. Check out the photos that are in the running, read a little about their sweet four-legged subjects, and then cast your vote for our 2013 Cover Dog or Cat. The pet whose photo gets the most votes will have his or her face in homes all over America!

The contest is now closed! Check back next year!

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Cheryl Atwood

I never see this type of dog. I'm happy to know, that a dog like
mine, isn't in any peril.

Patti Ringle

The cover should be "just" the animal, no humans. Let the animals enjoy their fame as they deserve it. They will stand out all by them selves or with other animals of the 4 leg variety. Keep people out of it.

D Rigdon

'Society will be judged by how it treats it's animals' - Ghandi


so apparently the comments section of this site is now devoted to grammar and spelling correction... great. I think I'll go read some articles now.


I love the picture of Rocky! He is a beautiful cat. I too would love to see a picture of a cat & dog together.

Pamela Shipman

My Dog Lucky passed away Nov 15, 2011. He was a lab bulldog mix.
He was 13 years old. Had arthritis and developed respiratory
problems. So my vet said it's time to let him go. I sat and held him crying my heart out while he took his last breath. So even
though I love all animals, dogs will always have a special place in my heart.

Wm Murphy

We Love Animals so, let's pull the entire Zoo in. ;=)))

James W Liggett

I love getting the annual calendar. My co-workers enjoy looking at the great animals on them. I just hope that this next year we get the larger calendar. Last year I got that little one and it just sat on my fridge. I am a regular donor to the ASPCA and have been for several years. Always will be to. Whadda ya say Administrators? The larger calendar this year please?

Susan Gleason

I like the donate .60/day dog (in the ad).

Terrence Boelter

Thanks to the ASPCA and all the adopters out there making a difference in the lives of our four-legged friends. And thanks to the adoptees for making our lives a bit happier.