What’s In That Whopper? Burger King Busted Selling Horse Meat

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 5:15pm

After nearly two weeks of trying to reassure the public that Burger King’s products were safe, the fast food giant just announced that an internal investigation confirmed that burgers containing horse meat have been sold in its United Kingdom locations!

Rumors of the contamination were first triggered by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland after it found horse meat in the frozen beef burgers of several major grocery suppliers in Ireland and the UK. The contaminated meat is from the Ireland-based processing company Silvercrest, which is a subsidiary of ABP Food Group.

"These recent revelations of horse meat in European hamburgers are proof that the predatory horse slaughter industry isn't worried about who it victimizes—horses and diners are all at risk," says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “In addition to the inherent cruelty of horse slaughter, the toxicity of horse meat is a big problem. We’ve become increasingly aware of all the drugs routinely given to horses that are dangerous to humans and banned for use in animals raised for human consumption.”

Take Action!
This incident happened across the ocean, but horses are at risk of terrifying, inhumane deaths at slaughterhouses right here at home: Horse slaughter proponents are taking drastic steps to re-open horse slaughter plants in the United States! Please urge U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to reject any application to operate a horse slaughter facility in the U.S.

Thank you for taking action!

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It is sick and wrong but their is no way to stop it. Its impossible! All we can do is make strict regulations to save the horses from pain and suffering. After that houses will be forced to close their doors because they will be fined to much to keep the plants running


Why does this horrify people? Everybody should be just as outraged that millions of cows, pigs and chickens suffer this fate every day across the world. Why arent you horrified about that? I own horses, and yes they are magnificent, clever creatures. But no more than a cow, or a sheep. .. all animals have the same capacity for pain and fear. And not one of them wants to die just so you can have a meal. They struggle and fight to the very last breath. Every last one of them. Eating any animal is wrong.


Horses are not special. If you're okay with eating cows or pigs or sheep or goats, you should be okay with eating horses. Or dogs or any animal for that matter. Pigs are also smart and beautiful. Pigs are as smart as, if not smarter than, dogs.

But society tells you they are worthy of nothing but horrible treatment and death so YOU can get nourishment (and a myriad of health problems from hormones and the over-consumption of red meat)that you can get elsewhere. Not to mention the horrible environmental impact of the ridiculous meat consumption now practiced.

If you eat one, eat them all. Horses are not special. They are ALL special and not deserving of slaughter.


michelle scott

Why do people think horse meat is any "grosser" than cows meat? they are both carcasses of dead animals!

Rocio Rodriguez

This is ridiculous, horse meat really?! You guts are sick! Poor animals they dont deserve die in slaghouter houses, this is defedently gotta stop now!


I have tried going vegetarian but the more I think about it, it predator and prey a natural occurrence? What would happen if we didn't eat animals? Now I DO agree that we shouldn't be just putting them in slaughtering houses and treating them like filth, but think how many carnivores are in the wild? Should humans be an exception? This is one topic I have contemplated many times. So yes, complete slaughter is wrong. But is consuming meat like the rest of nature so wrong as well? "The circle of lifeeeee"


These comments are so interesting. I was going to bring up the same thing...I've often wondered why horse meat is considered so different from cow or pig or chicken, or, to be honest, any other animal. Different cultures put different values on animals, so in some countries, dog meat is an okay thing to eat. We can't imagine it here in the U.S., but it doesn't necessarily make it wrong in another country. I am a meet eater and I can only hope that these animals, who I thank with my life for sacrificing their lives for my dinner, are treated as humanely as possible. Sadly, so many animals are not, and humans should do what they can to make sure the animals they eat were treated humanely. That said, if it's true that horses are given medicines and such that are unsafe for human consumption, that is different entirely. But if the horse meat is safe to eat, then as long as Burger King informs its consumers of what is in their Whoppers, I don't think it's such a terrible thing. But it is bad to lie to your consumers if your consumers feel it is unethical to eat that type of meat.

Eat responsibly.


Please consider to become vegeterian/vegan.
I am glad I became one and it was the best decesion I have ever made.


MMMMMMM Horse Burgers......

Laura Addis

This is why I don't eat meat. We all should try to cut down our consumption of animals all together. I am a loving and responsible horse owner, but I hear of a lot of unwanted horses going to Mexico for a cruel slaughter . There has to be a better way....