What Not to Buy? Puppies from Pet Stores!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 11:00am
cocker spaniel toy stuffed animal

With the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping in full swing, we know you’re busy. But if you have a second, we could really use your help. This week, we launched our holiday campaign focusing on puppy mills and why you should never, ever shop at any pet store that sells puppies.

You see, most pet store puppies come from puppy mills—you know, those huge, factory-like breeding operations where dogs live in horrible conditions and never receive love. Every time you buy anything from a pet store that sells puppies, you’re actually supporting this very cruel industry. We made a one-minute video that explains how:

We think our video has a really great message and we’d love for it to go viral. That’s where you come in. After you watch our video, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and kindly ask them to share it, too. Be sure to use the hashtag #AdoptDontShop. We’re counting on you to help us reach millions of people with this important message.

Also, if you’re really into helping end puppy mills, sign up for a chance to win a free ASPCA Puppy Mill Advocacy Pack. It contains all sorts of cool gear, including a puppy mill message tote, a puppy mill message tee and more!

Thanks for helping!

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Such a great post! No reason to "buy" pets when we can all help in rescuing and saving those out there in need. Would love to get future post if I can be added to your database. Email: [email protected]


Wonderful video and it really makes such a strong case against puppy mills. Well done!


I understand and completely agree with adopting and rescuing animals, but what about the animals in these stores? They have no choice if they ended up there. And if they 'clear them out' then shouldn't we try to save them as well?!? In the end, it's almost the same. If people don't buy these puppies their fate is the same or worse then puppies at say the human society. At least the people there care. Just saying that if nobody buys them, it may decrease the demand and stop the mills, but for the time being these animals are still being treated this way, and not buying them is not helping them either.


I agree Rachel. One of the reasons I don't got to those stores is because I do feel really sad about the animals. And who will take them if we don't go? I have never "bought" a puppy but I can see why some might go to "rescue" them from their fate in a retail environment.


Large furry animals (dogs and cats) are actually better off than the smaller ones. If a puppy is not purchased from a store, it is sent to a pound or shelter to make room for new puppies. These dogs end up being adopted or put to sleep. Rescuing the dogs from the adoption centers helps overall because doing so does not financially contribute to supporting the existence of puppy mills, does not support the store that purchases from puppy mills, and does not result in encouragement for the store to order a new puppy to replace the one you bought.

Not buying these animals DOES help them because it stops more of them from being placed into the same situation. If everyone were to adopt instead of buying a dog/puppy, then shelters would be much emptier and less puppies would be sent to them after becoming 'too old to be sold.'


Q I totally agree with you. I protest the Lake St Louis Petland store every saturday and have for over 2 years. What people seem to think is that if Petland stops selling these puppies, those pups will be killed. That is so wrong. When the day comes that they stop selling puppies, those pups will be rescued by rescue groups and forever homes found for them. And by not buying from Petland, the demand goes down and puppy mills have no reason to breed their dogs time after time just for profit. People don't realize those puppies parents live in horrible overcrowded conditions on wire floor cages usually outside no matter what the weather is. Minimal care given to them because that would cost the breeder money and they are only in it to make money no matter what the cost is to the dogs. Please dont support Pet Store puppies by buying them or even supporting their store by buying anything from them until they stop selling puppies.

Adopt, Don't Shop.

When you buy one of these dogs from a store, you are supporting the puppy mills and giving your "yes" vote that what they are doing is okay with you. Meanwhile, two more dogs die in your local shelter, the one you didn't adopt and the one who didn't get the space opened up from the dog adopted. Remember, many dogs in shelters originate from puppy mills, discarded like toys from bored children. As humans, we are far more powerful than we realize, creating misery for life around us based solely on our whims rather than down-the-line research and consideration.


and do you know the total amount of dogs that are killed every day in the united states ? over 2 million.... that is 1/3rd of the population of people in the USA alone. If people would stop buying, you would put them out of business... and eventually no more will be destroyed. I know its a terrible thing to think about those that don't make it.... but think about how many havent made it so far. Its mind boggling, isnt it?


Yes it is a difficult, painful and heartless cycle. However, by not supporting the cycle by not supporting stores that sell these pups and by not buying these pups, ultimately the hope is to at the very least, decrease the number of puppy mills in existence, there by decreasing the number of animals tortured, abused and killed every day of every month of every year. To say buy these pups and save them can not help. Mills that produce animals in mass, dog, cats, birds all need to be made illegal with fines and imprisonment for animal abuse for the people running them. Millions of pets are killed every year in this country alone. Spay and neuter, adopt don't shop and expand your universe to see the whole picture not just the tree in the forest.


It is sad to see these puppies in the stores...what we don't see are the thousands of dogs that don't make it to the store - the sick, malnourished, unsocialized, unhealthy dogs that have NEVER seen a veterinarian, that have possibly never left the cage that they live in so they can continue to be inseminated over and over until they are eventually put down because they cannot produce live puppies any longer. The dogs you SEE are the lucky ones...if the store cannot sell them, they often end up in a shelter. I have one of the "lucky dogs" that was a puppy store reject, ended up in a shelter and is now living in our home. Adopting - that is the ONLY way to "save" one of those dogs without promoting the cycle of puppy mill abuse.