What the Cluck, Indeed? Chicken Groups Remake Our Website!

Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 10:30am
What the Cluck, Indeed? Chicken Groups Remake Our Website!

In just two months, more than 100,000 people have signed the ASPCA’s petition calling on the chicken industry to slow growth rates and provide better living conditions! Kudos to you. We are so happy to see the public embracing this issue.

But a funny thing happened in response to this effort. The National Chicken Council—the industry’s trade group—and the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association created a website too, and it sure looks familiar! The big difference between their site and our Truth About Chicken website is that they replaced our statements about chicken welfare with their own.

Side by side comparison of chicken sites

While we’re flattered that these groups took the time and energy to build a website that looks just like ours, we took the liberty of providing some edits. Click on the thumbnail below to take a closer look:


Most of the almost 9 billion chickens raised in this country each year for meat are suffering enormously due to unnaturally fast growth rates and inhumane, unsanitary living conditions. This is bad for chickens and bad for us. With oversight by government almost nonexistent, it’s up to us to push for better treatment of chickens.

That’s why today we delivered our recommendations [PDF] to the National Chicken Council. We’re urging them to incorporate slower growth and better living conditions into their chicken welfare guidelines, which are expected to be released before the end of the year and essentially set the standards for the industry. Please join us by asking the NCC to take this step. Show your support for the ASPCA’s recommendations by visiting The Truth About Chicken and telling the National Chicken Council to get serious about welfare!

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Thank you for working to help eradicate these awful conditions for chickens. I am horrified at what people are capable of in pursuit of money. It would be lovely if people gave up eating chickens altogether, but I don't think that is realistic. Can the ASPCA compile a list of vendors that provide their animals with humane conditions? And include what labeling to look for on packaging? I know many friends and family members that are willing to support ethical brands instead of giving up meat entirely.


To be honest, no website can be trusted. I believe that the National Chicken Council is simply promoting their business for money, but there is no proof that ASPCA is telling the truth either. I am a anti-chicken-cruelty supporter, but I can't trust anything without proof. I'm not getting defensive, I hope; I really do love chickens (not for eating), and many of my friends hate chicken-meat-producing companies.
My point is, none of these websites seem to be reliable. However, I do believe that raising animals horribly simply for the satisfaction of (normally obese) Americans, or any other person, is inhumane, definitely. Chickens deserve conditions EQUAL to those that would satisfy humans. (Of course, I mean conditions that would satisfy a chicken...not the same conditions...)