This Weekend: ASPCA’s Mega Match-a-thon Adoption Events

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 1:00pm
two dachshunds playing with each other

It’s time to meet your match, people—your four-legged match! Once again the ASPCA is teaming up with dozens of animal shelters across the country for the second-annual ASPCA Mega Match-a-thon! This weekend (October 18-20), nearly 40 animal rescues across the country are joining forces to co-host some epic adoption events. We threw down more than $278,000 in grants to help make it happen.

Last year’s Mega Match-a-thon saw more than 6,100 pets adopted in just one weekend! Can we top that number? Yes, we can!

So what can you do to help? So much! Check it out:

  • First, find out if there’s an adoption event near you this weekend by visiting your local shelter’s website.
  • Second, go to said event and adopt, adopt, adopt! You can also volunteer your time; shelters can always use an extra hand…or four.
  • And, finally, don’t forget to spread the word! Share this article on Facebook and Twitter and make sure everyone makes adoption their first option this weekend and every day of the year. Be sure to follow the hashtag #MegaMatch for event details and updates of pets across America finding new homes!

To see the cute mugs of adoptable animals in your area, visit our nationwide database of cats and dogs looking for good homes.

To see a list of the organizations across the country hosting events, please visit our Pressroom.

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I agree you ladies everthing is hashtag this n that I didn't know what it was. Just list the locations please.
see I didn't even know how to spell IT!


I'm a computer programmer, and I STILL do not know what a hashtag is. Thinking everyone is on Twitter and only marketing to those users is completely ignoring a large number of people who would make wonderful pet parents. I for one, do NOT belong/follow Twitter, nor will I ever, so I guess I will not be attending your events.


I'm with you, Jen--I don't care if the Pope is on Twitter, I'm never joining it.


I agree with the above comments; I was also looking for which facilities were doing this. The website should at least provide phone numbers for major cities. But, if you truly want a pet, don't take your frustration out on the animals! I volunteer at a local SPCA and LOVE to see animals leave their kennels/cages and go home. Please call your local shelter -- just go anyway! Don't wait for a special occasion to bring home a new friend.


If it makes you feel better, I don't know what a hashtag is and I don't follow Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes I don't agree with people do either, but I try to remember we're here to help the animals. If you care about them I hope you think about and come to the events. Its difficult going with the flow, but who knows maybe you'll enjoy yourself in the end.


Hmmmmm, I wanted to go to an event and have no idea of where they are either. They should have included a link to enter zip codes to
show where they're at.


Where & when is it? Is this the Best Friends event in Westchester? What are you talking about?


Ladies......just google, animal shelters in my area, put in state and zip, and you can find out locations and details........


Thanks Sue. I don't mean to be rude but everyone should know how to look up local shelters or even ASPCA's webpage to enter a zip code.
Here is the link to look for shelters in your area.


Eve, Betsey and Lisa- I just googled "ASPCA Mega Match-a-thon" and shelters local to me that are holding events popped up. That's probably the easiest way to find something near you.