This Week in Animals

Friday, March 22, 2013 - 4:30pm
This Week In Animals

Hi, animal lovers! What are you up to this weekend with your pets? We can’t wait to take our dogs to the park and snuggle our kitties, but until then, we’re checking out this week’s top animal news.

Of course, we’ve been following the controversy of the deaths of dogs who compete in the Iditarod. (Discovery)

And we are SO impressed with this 10-year-old boy who saved a cat (now at Outer Banks SPCA in North Carolina) from bullies. (BuzzFeed)

And we were awww-struck by the adorable video of a capybara taking care of puppies. (Dogster)

Oh, and these animals looking at themselves in the mirror gave us something to think about. (MSN)