This Week in Animals

Friday, March 8, 2013 - 6:30pm
Black and white tuxedo cat

This week’s animal news ranged from heartwarming to downright silly, and we read all of it.

We loved learning about this 33,000-year-old skull, which belonged to one of the first dogs. (Smithsonian

It was a real pleasure to meet Heidi, a rabbit who swims as part of her arthritis treatment plan. (Huffington Post

We were  touched to see this beautiful photo essay about a cat adopted from the ASPCA in 1995. (New York Times

And, after the photo essay left us a little sniffly, we were thrilled to learn that these 28 cats were there to cheer us up. (BuzzFeed

What did we miss? Tell us in the comments. See you next week!

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I applaud Nancy Perry's editorial in the Sunday Oklahoman. I have owned two horses that died of old age. I am an animal lover and owner and the thought of inhumanely destroying these beautiful animals is appalling. I have called the Gov. office to voice my concern. The racing industry needs new horses but hasn't brought in the revenue they were hoping for. With a record drought our stockyards are full. What are these people thinking. I applaud you, Nancy Perry.


A couple friends and i have started a club to donate money to u great people. We love what u people have done we are coming for ur open house. You people are a great experience to grow up on. we love u people!


My neighbor has a pet cat and it's totally adorable. Incredibly amazing in here indeed. thanks!
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You go girl! My thoughts exactly.

Boxer Girl

I think it would benefit all the animals if they held more pet shows once a month, in all around the small county's. Starting with Pikeville KY. You can charge for entering an event, Having a photograph with your pet and also bring animals from the shelter. When I was younger I competed, I won 1st in my class and then one beat of show, It was some of the rest memorires I have. The best thing would be to start having them in the expo center, they don't do much there anyway. If anyone heres of any dog show put a huge ad on craigslist so that a lot of people will attend. Thanks