This Week in Animals

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 5:00pm
Dog with big pointy ears looking straight ahead

This week, the best animal news was all about cats.

A shelter in St. Charles, Missouri, is looking to find a family for this amazing, 37-pound cat. (St. Louis Dispatch)

The London Zoo unveiled its user-generated map of London’s housecats, creating a kitty census for the city’s feline residents. (Associated Press)

Noted cat lover Benedict XVI couldn’t have a kitty while pope, but now that he’s stepped down, some are wondering if a cat could be in his future. (USA Today)

Finally, who can resist a great reunion story—especially when there’s a microchip involved? This cat was reunited with his family after two years thanks to his chip! (San Jose Mercury News)

Give your kitties a little scratch under the chin, and your doggies a belly rub, from us here at the ASPCA. See you next week!