This Week in Animals

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 3:30pm
white dog with laptop on green sofa

Happy Friday, animal lovers! We’re hunkering down ahead of Nemo with some of our favorite animal news from around the world. Something else catch your eye? Leave us a comment.

Across the pond, testing cosmetics on animals was banned in every European Union member nation. (Huffington Post)

The UK decided all dogs must be microchipped by 2016. (Time)

Rio’s famous Carnaval included a very special party for dogs and their people this year, and you have to see the costumes. (The Telegraph)

A goat got loose in Brooklyn and the whole caper was captured on video. End result? The goat, who had been destined to be someone’s dinner, gets to go to an upstate sanctuary instead. (ABC)

Born in an Australian zoo in December, three Fennec fox babies left their nesting tunnel last week. And they are SO CUTE. (Buzzfeed)

Not to be outdone, U.S. animals brought the cute this week, too. Florida’s Chris P. Bacon, a disabled piglet, charmed the whole world with his tiny set of wheels and zest for life. (Huffington Post)

See you next week!