This Week in Animals

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 4:00pm
dog sitting at desk with keyboard

How was your week? We spent a lot of ours keeping up with the best and worst animal news. Here’s a generous helping of the stories that stood out.

We couldn’t believe these six bizarre animal smuggling busts, but boy, are we glad they were intercepted. (National Geographic)

We learned about an overweight cat who’s so committed to losing weight that she’s willing to go swimming. We don’t recommend trying this at home. (PeoplePets)

We got to meet Menswear Dog, the most dapper pup of them all. (Tumblr)

We cheered ourselves up with this pinwheel made of Scottie puppies and this helpful cat who can slam-dunk laundry. (Babble)

If those animals don’t cheer you up, remember: No matter how hard your week was, there’s always this baby tapir to remind you that it’s a beautiful world out there. (BuzzFeed)

See you next week!