The Votes Are In—50 Winning Shelters Compete in ASPCA $100K Challenge!

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 4:00pm

After 12 days of spirited online voting by more than 200,000 supporters, the ASPCA is thrilled to announce the 50 shelters that will compete in the 2011 ASPCA $100K Challenge.

“We were blown away by the outpouring of support and by the number of votes cast for local shelters in the qualifying heat,” says Bert Troughton, ASPCA Vice President of Community Outreach.

The 50 contenders now will gear up for a three-month competition to save at least 300 more animals—during the months of August, September and October 2011—than they did over the same three-month period in 2010.

The agency with the biggest increase in animals saved will win $100,000. The agency that gets the most community members involved in saving animals will win a $25,000 grant; and those organizations that do the best in their regions will be eligible for between $5,000 and $25,000 in grants.

“If the buzz created during the voting is any indication of how much energy and passion we’ll see for these 50 contestants during the contest, then I think we’re in for a really inspiring 2011 ASPCA $100K Challenge,” says Troughton.

Check out the 50 winning shelters competing in this year’s ASPCA $100K Challenge!