Video Reveals Shocking—but Common—Racing Dog Injuries

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 4:15pm

A video released this week by Greyhound advocacy group Grey2K USA shows horrifying injuries incurred at the Tri-State Racetrack in Cross Lanes, West Virginia—highlighting the suffering of racing dogs across the United States.

“According to newly obtained state records, at least 3,208 greyhound injuries have been reported at this track since 2005, and nearly 200 dogs have died. Further, it’s likely that the actual number of injuries is even higher, as the state still refuses to produce several months of records,” Grey2K said in an email to supporters.

Grey2K Executive Director Carey Theil told West Virginia’s Charleston Daily Mail that "in terms of the raw number of injuries, this is the largest we have seen for a single track by far."

Though ASPCA racing specialist Ann Church called Tri-State Racetrack’s injury record “appalling,” she emphasized that the injuries were not at all uncommon. “This is what happens at all Greyhound racing tracks, and that is why we are making the end of racing a priority within the ASPCA.”

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