Video: Pit Puppy with Broken Legs Gets Second Chance

Friday, December 6, 2013 - 1:30pm
pit bull with cast on legs lays on bed

When the ASPCA arrived at the home of Remy’s former owner in June 2013, we found a one-year-old Pit Bull who was too weak to stand and lying in a cage with feces and urine. The owner surrendered Remy to us, and we immediately took action to offer relief to the sweet, suffering canine.

The neighbors heard a dog cry out in pain on more than one occasion. A young Pit Bull named Remy, allegedly the victim of repeated abuse, needed help. When we arrived at the scene in June 2013, we found a gentle puppy who was so weak and frail, she couldn’t even stand.

Remy’s owner surrendered the suffering pup, who was brought to the ASPCA where she received immediate veterinary care for a host of ailments. She had two broken legs, skin disease and severe muscle atrophy.


After intensive treatment, which included surgery and hydrotherapy, Remy began to heal, but she will always walk with a limpa reminder of all she has overcome. Please take a moment to watch and share our video of Remy’s amazing recovery.

Of course, millions of other animals still need us, so we’re also thankful that we can count on you as we fight for their lives, too. We hope you'll consider giving today if you possibly can. It means the world to us, and to every animal we can assist together.

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I hope that Remy's cruel former human has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty. I am relieved to hear that the neighbors called for help. Too many people do nothing. I am praying for Remy to make a full recovery and to receive copious love and peace and kindness for the rest of her days.

Josh Usdan

You are so right! f**k the abuser!

The Awsome ness

I hate people who do that


people need to learn how to take care of there animals that they get to love and care for when they don't

Animal lover

I love animals so much I want to grow up to be a veternairien at A.S.P.C.A.


i hope that remys new owner is taking good care of her and that her old owner has beeb aressted for the rest of remys life i agree with Emma


Does Remy have a new home with a loving family yet?

Nathan Jones

Yes i think so


I am so happy that Water 4 dogs was used as part of Remy's rehab - they are the best for rehab.


This is a great story! Inspiring and moving...awesome job!
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