Video: Inside Look at Massive Dog Fighting Bust

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 4:15pm
Rescued Dog

As many of you know, last weekend the ASPCA and responders from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) removed more than 360 dogs from dog fighting properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. Many are emaciated, with scars and wounds consistent with dog fighting. They’re spending their first days learning what it’s like to receive adequate care.

The dogs and puppies are safe now. They’ll never suffer in extreme heat without access to water. They’ll never be chained to cinder blocks and car tires again. And they’ll never be forced to fight.

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Right now, the ASPCA is providing shelter, veterinary care, healthy food and much-needed attention and affection to hundreds of dogs and puppies. Our work is far from over. It’s a massive undertaking that will require months of food and supplies and man hours to ensure these dogs get the best possible care. Veterinary professionals, behavior professionals and so many others will be involved.

Please take a moment to watch and share our rescue video. You’ll see some of the dogs we rescued, as well as the real conditions these dogs were forced to endure.

Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #367rescue. If now is a good time for you to give, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA.

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Angels come in all forms. By saving these unfortunate animals, you have become their angels and my hero. Thank you.
For those who were in charge of these animals, shame on you!!! There is no punishment that can be given to equal the cruelty which you have bestowed on these helpless animals.


Go ASPCA! Thank You!
I think what was done to those dogs & puppies should be done to those who did it to them... every bit of cruelty inflicted, every inhumane act. Maybe this would stop then. Coining a phrase I heard once... people involved in this type of activity are "Lower than Pond Scum".

Alice M

Seeing the guy from behind - carrying 2 puppies with their tails wagging wildly - convinced me (again) to make a donation. Thank you for all you do.


I would love to do such fulfilling work as you do - just brings tears to my eyes to see those happy butts wiggling from a gentle hand and a kind word ... pure evil that makes these wonderful beings suffer. Hope and pray for an end to this disgraceful practice...

Jessica (age 11)

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do the best thing for animals. I love watching the videos. they make me smile and cry(in a happy way) evrey single video.
GOD BLESS YOU GUYS IN ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for your great caring and your kindness to these poor animals, the people that do this to these poor animals, should be treated the same way the treat the dogs. Jail is too good for them, they will be fed and have a roof over their head, these poor dogs did not have that, they deserve to feel what they feel. Please always keep up the great work you all do. God bless you and God bless those poor defenseless animals.


I wish my financial situation allowed for me to give as this is an extremely important cause!!!!! Keep up the great work as I will keep the prayers coming! God bless you all and anyone who helps get these animals out of these horrific situations!!!


Thank you for saving these wonderful dogs! thank you for all you do!

Tammy Inabinett

Thanks to everyone who participated in this job well done and may God bless each and everyone of you. There is a beautiful place waiting for you all in Heaven!


There is a dark place in HELL reserved for these type of people with no hearts that treat innocent dogs this way. May all the dogs saved be well and find loving homes. THank you the nderful ASPCA, they are fantastic people to do what they do.