Video: Inside Look at Massive Dog Fighting Bust

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 4:15pm
Rescued Dog

As many of you know, last weekend the ASPCA and responders from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) removed more than 360 dogs from dog fighting properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. Many are emaciated, with scars and wounds consistent with dog fighting. They’re spending their first days learning what it’s like to receive adequate care.

The dogs and puppies are safe now. They’ll never suffer in extreme heat without access to water. They’ll never be chained to cinder blocks and car tires again. And they’ll never be forced to fight.

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Right now, the ASPCA is providing shelter, veterinary care, healthy food and much-needed attention and affection to hundreds of dogs and puppies. Our work is far from over. It’s a massive undertaking that will require months of food and supplies and man hours to ensure these dogs get the best possible care. Veterinary professionals, behavior professionals and so many others will be involved.

Please take a moment to watch and share our rescue video. You’ll see some of the dogs we rescued, as well as the real conditions these dogs were forced to endure.

Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #367rescue. If now is a good time for you to give, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA.

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Yolanda Figueroa

I'm praying and hoping that this would give these poor dogs a chance for adoption....these poor dogs are the first to be judged, abused and then killed by us! When we don't speak on their behalf we're agreeing with the ignorance of those who don't know because they don't have one...I do and therefore I know that for example my knuckle head pit, KoCo is my light when I'm going through my moments, my best friend and the lover of my heart! Please give them a chance for the word of God says that, "Men will lie, steal and destroy," not these dogs nor animals period.

Cathy King

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all are saints. Without you these little guys would be in a living hell.


Thank you!!!

Cheryl Johnson

So glad you were there for them and I hope people will adopt and not shop and give these poor babs love..


God bless each and every person involved in this and every rescue.
And I hope there is a special place in Hell for the people who could treat animals this badly.
But to see the happiness on these dogs even after what they've been through is wonderful. They all deserve a better life and now they will get it.

Thank you ASPCA!!

louise despointes

i just donate money to thank you for rescuing those pit bull, my favorite dog as i allways had them, rescued from places such as the one you went, & they are the most fantastic dogs with the worse wrap among people & the most abuse dogs , in fights or at people's home, why ?

Christine Bound

Thank you so much ASPCA!!! The continued work you do is so priceless and wonderful!

Brad Olson

I am so glad there are good people in the world to help these dogs - all animals. Keep up the good work and if I could help in the retrieving the dogs, cats etc I will and can.


Great job as always ASPCA


God bless all of you who make a difference in the lives of these dogs and all animals....they deserve much better. It's a heartbreaking job and thanks to all who are strong enough to do it.

It never ceases to amaze me at the gratitude these dogs show their rescuers with sweet licks and wagging tails knowing the horror and abuse they've been through...God bless them.