Video: Inside Look at Kentucky Puppy Mill Rescue

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 2:15pm
Puppy mill dog in dirty cage

As many of you know, earlier this week, the ASPCA joined local authorities to remove more than 40 dogs, including Chihuahuas and blood hounds, from a large, substandard breeding facility—also referred to as a puppy mill—in Nancy, Kentucky. Many of the dogs have untreated medical conditions, and are being cared for by a team of veterinarians and responders at a temporary facility, set up by the ASPCA and the Kentucky Humane Society, in Louisville.

The dogs are safe now. With temperatures dropping rapidly across the country, it was just in time. These dogs will never again suffer in extreme cold without access to food or shelter. They’ll never be stacked in tiny cages. And they’ll never be forced to breed.

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Right now, the ASPCA is providing shelter, veterinary care, healthy food and much-needed attention and affection to the rescued dogs. Our work is far from over.

Please take a moment to watch and share our video.  You’ll see some of the dogs we rescued, as well as the conditions these dogs were forced to endure.

Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #MillsBreedMisery. If now is a good time for you to give, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA.

FIR responder walks bloodhound at puppy mill

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Robyn Brooks

I want to add the white Chihuahua from the video of the Kentucky rescue to my family. How do I adopt him/her?


THANK YOU FOR HELPING THESE CHILDREN! We must ALL band together to STOP puppy mills!


Hope you prosecute those who were in charge!


This is deplorable. No animal deserves this. Prosecute the mill owners to the fullest. Forbid them to ever own any animal. I am an ASPCA member. I do contribute to help the ASPCA do anything they need. I also get my animals from the Humane Society. Thank you ASPCA for what you do.

Becky Lipka

That wagging tale at the end of the video made me so happy. I have a puppy mill Rat Terrier and she is so afraid of everything, praying that these dogs can overcome and will have an amazing "rest of their life". Thanks ASPCA for EVERYTHING you do!!

Pat Wood

This is why I'm a monthly member. To help you stop this horrible treatment of animals. Way to go!!!! Keep up the great work! and THANK YOU!!


Please please prosecute the offenders, as Lori says. If these breeders are not charged they will go on and keep doing what they did before. In my area there was an amish puppy mill shut down (due to deplorable conditions and dead animals) and the charges were dropped. This person went to a farm down the road and started another mill. This is totally disgusting! I pray for the day that puppy mills do not exist, though I do not know how they will be stopped if breeders are not made to pay for their crimes.

Jane Van Haaften

I am so grateful for people at the ASCA for helping innocent animals in cruel "living" conditions. God Bless all of these animals and all of you too.
Please continue to fight the good fight of helping animals in dire conditions, especially "fighting" dog victims of horrid cruelty. We must put the real "bite" in our laws towards the human offenders!


Whoever runs this horrific puppy mill should be prosecuted to the fullest extent!! God Bless all these adorable dogs, and I hope they all find wonderful homes!


I agree Donna. I think these people responsible should be treated just like the animals were; see how they like it.