Video: Inside Look at Kentucky Puppy Mill Rescue

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 2:15pm
Puppy mill dog in dirty cage

As many of you know, earlier this week, the ASPCA joined local authorities to remove more than 40 dogs, including Chihuahuas and blood hounds, from a large, substandard breeding facility—also referred to as a puppy mill—in Nancy, Kentucky. Many of the dogs have untreated medical conditions, and are being cared for by a team of veterinarians and responders at a temporary facility, set up by the ASPCA and the Kentucky Humane Society, in Louisville.

The dogs are safe now. With temperatures dropping rapidly across the country, it was just in time. These dogs will never again suffer in extreme cold without access to food or shelter. They’ll never be stacked in tiny cages. And they’ll never be forced to breed.

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Right now, the ASPCA is providing shelter, veterinary care, healthy food and much-needed attention and affection to the rescued dogs. Our work is far from over.

Please take a moment to watch and share our video.  You’ll see some of the dogs we rescued, as well as the conditions these dogs were forced to endure.

Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #MillsBreedMisery. If now is a good time for you to give, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA.

FIR responder walks bloodhound at puppy mill

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What the hell is going on in this crazy world?? These poor poor babies do not deserve to be treated this way. Warm and/or fed is NOT ok when they are forced to reproduce litter after litter only to have those precious babies ripped from her to sell. On FB there is another story of a puppy mill in Arkansas. Disgusting is too good of a word to describe what I saw. The owners should suffer like the dogs just to see how it feels. Prison is too good for them as they would still be treated better than the dogs. Every DAMN mill should be shut down. They are NOT livestock. They are pets. Heartless bastards!!!! How dare they!!!!!!!!!!!


Really jennifer?? Your standard of living must be that of the dogs for you to say you had NO problem!


Jennifer -- I was thinking exactly the same thing as I was watching the video. Puppy mills are a horrible thing, absolutely, but these dogs did not seem like they were in terrible shape at all.

Barbara M.

Jennifer and Laurie - did you ask the dogs if they were living in "not so bad" conditions and didn't need to be moved? I have a friend whose children do not clean the litter box very often, and sometimes have food drying out in the bowl, but they think their cat is living a good life because, when they get the urge, they pick the cat up and cuddle with it. They don't have a clue what the cat is feeling and don't care, just so they get what they want when they want it. I agree that it could definitely be worse, but I still say they are abusing that cat!!


Maybe the ones that think it's not that bad they should live like that and see if they like it.I can not stand people that mistreat animals and I have 4 dogs and I would kill for my babies and I feel that if you have a pet you should look at it as a child that needs someone to meet their every need for life.I give a monthly amount every month to try to help ASPCA to do the things they do. Thank God there is the ASPCA to do what they do and I wish more people would give so they could do more. PLEASE GIVE TO HELP AND PRAY THAT THESE BABIES GET THE HELP THEY NEED AND PEOPLE WAKE UP AND THEY HAVE THEIR PETS FIXED SO THAT THIS PROBLEM CAN MAYBE SOME DAY GO AWAY.THIS IS MY PRAYER.THESE ANIMALS CAN NOT TALK AND TELL YOU THEY HURT PLEASE BE THEIR VOICE

Pamela M Beck

Many blessings to all who work to make animals' lives better. We are their only voice. ♥ So I am using my voice to post this repeatedly, until it somehow falls into the hands of someone who has the authority and the courage to help us put an end to puppy and kittens mills. PUPPY MILLS ARE GLUTTING THE SYSTEM
We will euthanize 10,000 pets today at our animal shelters and city Animal Care & Control facilities. We will euthanize 10,000 pets tomorrow too, and most every day. Unless our lawmakers enact regulations on the production of puppy and kitten mills, this pet overpopulation crisis is doomed to increase. This is costing our government millions of dollars, which are OUR TAX DOLLARS! And they are being spent to KILL PETS that the PUPPY MILLS ARE PRODUCING. What is wrong with this picture? The USDA has NEGLECTED to regulate this mill production, to the point that our country is about to explode with dead and suffering animals. Surely, our government must know that this has to stop! I will never understand how the USDA has any business having pets under the same regulations, (or the lack thereof), as poultry, slaughter hogs and beef cattle producers...WE DO NOT EAT DOGS AND CATS IN THIS COUNTRY, they are pets! Our government must stop allowing them to be mass produced like they were food animals! And the conditions that we accept as "USDA approved" for these animals to live in, consist of a lifetime of horrific neglect and deprivation! These pets don't even go to slaughter when they are old enough and fattened up. They live their entire lives in a cage, often left out in all kinds of weather, with little or no veterinary care. The female's' life is spent carrying, nursing, or grieving her lost babies, until she is bred yet again. Then about twice a year, the male shares her cage until mating is complete. Then he is returned to languish in his own fIlthy cage until it is time to breed again. This only ends for them when they die, or become "no longer good for breeding" I don't know what, if any regulation exists for their "disposal". But the numbers of dead and decaying animal carcasses that are strewn throughout the property of far too many of these mills, speak volumes. Unfortunately, the financial influence of the Agriculture business has managed to supersede the horrific conditions of the animals, the pet overpopulation crisis, even the glutting of our own systems! IF YOU SHOP AT A PET STORE THAT SELLS PETS, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THIS HORRIFIC CRUELTY!
WE THE PEOPLE, MUST RISE UP AND DEMAND THAT OUR GOVERNMENT ENACT LAWS TO END THIS INSANITY! I guarantee you, if the beef producers were churning out millions of pounds of beef in a year, and we only ate half of it, and the other half had to be "disposed of" at great expense to the government, you can bet the USDA would be slapping some major restrictions on beef production. So why don't they see that we are euthanizing over four million pets a year, and the puppy and kitten mills are "producing" a majority of them? IS OUR GOVERNMENT REALLY SO "OWNED" BY THE PUPPY MILL/AG INDUSTRY, THAT THEY BETRAY THEIR CONSTITUENTS, WASTE OUR TAX DOLLARS AND GLUT THEIR OWN SYSTEM? We must find a way to rid our world of this horrific business of abuse and neglect! OUR GOVERNMENT MUST TAKE ACTION TODAY!


Can someone please tell me why has there never been a petition to the leader of your country, to completely close down every single puppy mill/animal mill? We are all agreed that puppy mills and all animal mills MUST be closed down. They are the ones causing the deaths of millions of shelter animals and they are getting away with it. I live in the UK and if something as dreadful as this happens, we can write to our leader, the Prime minister. If a law is brought in here in Parliament, it is the same law for the whole country, not for just parts of it, as the US has with its different states run by governors. Obviously you're going to get good and bad governors. Some who care and some who don't give a toss. I really don't understand your politics. Why don't you cut out the middle men and go straight to the top? Pamela M. Beck writes well. Why don't you start a Care2 petition to your President, Pamela? Hundreds of thousands of citizens would sign it and share it, including me. It's no good pussyfooting around with the USDA, from what I've read over the years, they are next to useless. Please I beg you, petition your country's leader. Alert the media. An ongoing massive campaign on tv and in the newspapers will show that we are at the end of our tether and we won't be put off anymore. I hope Pamela reads this. If not, surely there is someone else in the whole of the USA who is capable and willing to compose a petition.


You need a reality check. There are NO GOOD PUPPY MILLS!! And to compare which is the least of two evils is not logical or caring. And if you have seen worse did you actually do something about it?

Paul Reagan

Exactly. The "standards" for breeders are insufficient.


Unfortunately the standards for humans who breed with other humans are pretty low as well. There are children living in similar conditions to those of these puppy mill dogs. The one thing that will change the circumstances for both children and animals is a strict program of government regulation - and Kentucky's senators would never allow that.