Victory—U.S. Horse Slaughter Rejected by U.S. House Committee!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 3:30pm

Horse lovers across America can celebrate a big victory. The U.S. House Appropriations Committee just approved an amendment that will prevent taxpayer dollars from being used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect U.S. horse slaughter facilities. By blocking this federal funding, the House has taken its first step to ensure that horse slaughter facilities cannot legally operate on U.S. soil. We will need your help to ensure this provision gets through the whole House and the Senate, so stay tuned for upcoming advocacy alerts.

While our current Congress has prided itself on reducing government spending, last year's agriculture funding bill actually omitted this provision—opening the U.S. market to the horse slaughter industry.

"Using taxpayer dollars to fund this abhorrent industry is a wildly unpopular decision," says Nancy Perry, ASPCA Senior Vice President of Government Relations. "At a time when funding for many vital programs is being cut, it is imperative that Congress not use $5 million of taxpayers' money to fund horse slaughter, a cruel practice that benefits only foreign interests."

Take Action!
Rep. Moran’s amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill protects American communities from the devastating environmental and economic impact of horse slaughter facilities, but the bill still has to pass the full House of Representatives. The House will vote on the bill on Tuesday, June 26. Please contact your U.S. representative today and urge him or her to pass the bill with the Moran Amendment intact and reject any attempts to fund horse slaughter during fiscal year 2013!



Karen, please tell that to the horses that haven't eaten in weeks and don't know where their next meal is coming from!! Plain and simple, there are too many horses in the US (like most companion animals) and they suffer when people cannot take care of them. I would definitely support a US inspected, humane, horse slaughter plant. I cannot be okay with allowing these animals to starve a slow death or be shipped to other slaughter plants were the US has no say. Whether it is a slow death or through a slaughter plant, it is never "the best scenario". The best scenario is that people get their heads out of the butts and realize the consequences out of all our "wants".


hmm so now more overbred thoroughbreds that people dont want anymore will be neglected and abandoned because their owners couldnt get rid of them. great plan... i LOVE horses and could never eat one, but how is killing a horse any worse than killing cows? yes we dont eat it here, but horse meat can be an export OR it can be sent to zoos for the carnivores to eat it. to me that is better than seeing massive amounts of horses starve to death.


The problem of horse overpopulation is one that needs to be addressed; not unlike cats and dogs who are the ultimate victims when owners do not take the lifelong responsibility for caring for their animals. Yes, there are too many backyard breeders. And the Thoroughbred racing industry needs a complete overhaul. To my knowledge, Thoroughbreds are the only registered breed organization who does not permit breeding using artificial insemination. The mares must be brought to the stallion for live breeding. And since horses have 11 month gestation periods and everyone wants their foals to be born as soon after January 1 as possible, that means broodmares are foaling one day and sent off for the next breeding within weeks. It's too expensive and risky to ship a newborn foal with its dam, so it is left behind but requires a substitute mother for it to nurse from. And where do you find those? You create them by breeding another mare (breed and age unimportant) who will give birth to a foal (a "nurse mare foal") who is now an unwanted by-product. Its sole purpose was to make its mother's milk available for a Thoroughbred foal whose mother was sent off for another breeding. Those nurse mare foals are sent to auctions where they are bought for their meat and hides. Some of them are a day old at the time. Another ugly story that the Thoroughbred industry doesn't want the public to know about. But it's one more heartbreaking contributing factor to the unwanted horse population. That, in addition to the dispensible mindset of owners and trainers who seem to only care about their horses if they are making them money. Once they become a financial liability, they turn their backs in apathy. And the kill buyers are all too happy to take them off their hands. But believe me, slaughter is not the answer. Humane euthanasia should be made available and affordable to any owner who cannot afford to properly care for their horse or whose horse is unhealthy, unsound, in any distress or becomes a risk to itself or others. No horse should ever be made to endure the cruelty of slaughter.


Now how is this considered a victory?! I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I do see a lot of pain, agony and blood forthese Magnificent animals! This is extremely frustrating...


Why is nothing being done to stop the export of horses being slaughtered in foreign plants? They use cruel practices. I dont understand how they can watch an animal die a slow, terrifying and agonizing death, rather than spend a few cents on a bullet or an injection? If the buyer wants the meat bad enough, they can absorb the cost! With the abundance of overpopulation and unwanted horses I am not so much opposed to slaughter, so long as it is quick and painless. The thought of my horses ending up an auction terrifies me. Do the right thing and humanely euthanize an animal! As humans we are aghast if a human stabs another human to death, why not animals? Do they not feel too?! Such a cruel world we live in.


We need to stop the export. But how? Do We The People need to constantly NAG our Representatives to create a bill?
How do we go about that? I am SO SICK of how if 80% of us feel this way, why is it not gettig done? Seems the EVIL & GREEDY Rule.


It is an uphill battle to stop the export of horses for slaughter in Mexico. The US laws are based on a right to property. Horses are property. If they become a commodity, then you also have all of the laws under the UCC code. If you are going to stop the export, it better be before it becomes big business.

The end of slaughter in the US is a moral win for us but it will certainly feed into the precedent of the export business and therefore make it harder to shut down that "use" for profit of someones "property". I agree that when it comes to horses and their distinction from other farm animals in America due to their intelligence, they should be separated from the food chain. I also understand that because of their similarity to other farm animals, this will be almost impossible. Keep working at it with your state representatives. I love when Americans achieve the impossible!


Preventing horse slaughter in the US is not going to prevent horse slaughter elsewhere. Honestly, it's within the horses best interest to have horse slaughter regulated in the States rather than going across the border to be beaten, hung, and gutted. Think people!


each slaughter house in the states should 'accommodate' horses to save them from suffering even more.


"I doubt very seriously ya'll even have an idea what a plant would do to open up jobs for people who need to work"

Would you work in a plant? Would your friends, uncle, cousins, or anyone you know? The only ones I know of that will have no concept of what pain and suffering is. I also have more of a racial bias opinion on who would work at the slaughter plants and sure wouldn't seee many black or caucasians.

There is plenty of jobs out there. It is those getting off their lazy entitlement butts to actually work those jobs.

"hmm so now more overbred thoroughbreds that people dont want anymore will be neglected and abandoned because their owners couldnt get rid of them."

Whoa, wait a minute. Over bred is the key word there. So instead of punishing the ignorant,selfish, money hungry people who won't stop prostituting their animals, you rather make the horses's suffer? Don't bred more than you can sell and don't bred to get perfect. Don't keep that stud out there and then go "oh crap" and need to find homes for over 40 horses with out knowing who sired what dam, imbreeding nor ages of horses etc. "I don't have the money to geld". Put down the cig, don't eat out for a month, return the xbox, go around recycling or apply for carecredit (be very hard to not qualify for it and payments are low) and I am sure you can geld the horse very quickly. Check with rescues for voucher or clinics many set up seasonaly. Find a home for the stud. If can't afford to spend much, then can't afford a horse, who can easily run a vet bill higher than a human's hospital bill.

"best interest to have horse slaughter regulated in the States rather than going across the border to be beaten, hung, and gutted. Think people"

Regulated? Lets see how many violations and under cover animal cruelty cases that are found every year in our dairy, poultry and other live animal plants and shelters. Also lets see what punishments they get? Apparently they are still in business and have not seen any arrest. I also didn't see those animals be put down or cared for on their injuries.

I also don't see the US doing a great job at protecting our animals as it is from abuse cases. Punishments are laughable. There has been times people are told that cops has "murder" and bigger criminal cases on their hands to handle when it comes to reporting animal abuse. They fail to remember that criminals start out on animals. So if our law can't even be enforced with the plants we have now (and the horse plants we did have back then), nothing will be better the next time around.

Way to solve it is to put responsibility back where it belongs. In the breeder's (back yard and "professional")hands.

What is next: Cats? Dogs? .......we got over population of those. They are eaten by other countries.

That person on craigslist who wants to find a "stud" for his fefe dog to make some "extra money" by selling the puppies and eventually her. Seriously? Get a job and stop prosituting your animals. Those are the people who need a dose of reality. Not make horse's and animals suffer due to ignorant selfish decisions such as that. Those who claim to be professional also to keep in mind that horses with papers go to slaughter all the time. Horses who won over $200K as a 4 year old will go to slaughter for $200 at the age of 20, if not by 10. What do they care, they are richer and that is what matters to them. Discusting and twisted.

One word for that: Greed