Victory—U.S. Horse Slaughter Rejected by U.S. House Committee!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 3:30pm

Horse lovers across America can celebrate a big victory. The U.S. House Appropriations Committee just approved an amendment that will prevent taxpayer dollars from being used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect U.S. horse slaughter facilities. By blocking this federal funding, the House has taken its first step to ensure that horse slaughter facilities cannot legally operate on U.S. soil. We will need your help to ensure this provision gets through the whole House and the Senate, so stay tuned for upcoming advocacy alerts.

While our current Congress has prided itself on reducing government spending, last year's agriculture funding bill actually omitted this provision—opening the U.S. market to the horse slaughter industry.

"Using taxpayer dollars to fund this abhorrent industry is a wildly unpopular decision," says Nancy Perry, ASPCA Senior Vice President of Government Relations. "At a time when funding for many vital programs is being cut, it is imperative that Congress not use $5 million of taxpayers' money to fund horse slaughter, a cruel practice that benefits only foreign interests."

Take Action!
Rep. Moran’s amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill protects American communities from the devastating environmental and economic impact of horse slaughter facilities, but the bill still has to pass the full House of Representatives. The House will vote on the bill on Tuesday, June 26. Please contact your U.S. representative today and urge him or her to pass the bill with the Moran Amendment intact and reject any attempts to fund horse slaughter during fiscal year 2013!


Erin Zamzow DVM

yes as a nation we should stand up and say 'we don't eat horse' like we don't eat dogs and cats. however, I disagree that horses are different than cows and sheep and pigs- for them slaughter is terrifying too. Just because we send animals to slaughter houses does not mean it's right, the best world would be one in which we either do not raise animals for food at all or only do it in the most respectful and humane way which means meat becomes a very rarely eaten item. I think a never eaten item would be best but I know humans are way too attached to their flesh to give that up.

Debbie Williams

Horses are NOT humanely put down or euthanized in slaughter plants. The methods used to kill cows do not work effectively on horses and the horse is conscious when they are being strung up by one leg and killed. This has already been proven with many videos documenting it. There is nothing remotely humane in that. If a horse owner wants to have their horse put down then a veterinarian or other qualified person should do it at their farm and then they could donate the meat to a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.
If you object to the drugs, etc., that they inject cows and other meat animals to why would you even consider horse meat as being safe? Horse are routinely injected with loads of drugs and chemicals throughout their lives all of which are extremely dangerous to humans if they are consumed. All meat animals in the US now are raised for that purpose on only approved drugs, etc., that are allowed to be used. That meat supply at least has some protection whereas horse meat does not.
Slaughter plants do not have many personnel and if horse slaughter was allowed, there would be very few additional jobs. That fact has already been documented using records of horse slaughter plants that used to operate in the US. Also, horse slaughter plants in the past have proven to only attract some of the lowest type of persons to work there which most communities would not wish to attract. Read some of the reports from people who used to live in areas where horse slaughter plants operated in the past and you will read how the plant polluted the environment and water supply, used massive amounts of water, devastated the area real estate market and lowered property values and lastly how thankful they were when the plants were closed.


Keep in mind that the videos that are out there are general put up by animal rights groups such as PETA who is currently up against charges of cruelty, neglect, fraud, and just in dogs alone, put down 90% of the "rescues" they had last year. They do not believe in saving any animal. They want them all to be free and wild and roaming the streets. The videos are grossly edited to look a lot worse than they are. (except maybe Mexico) I dont agree with horse slaughter at all. I live in Canada where the majority of those horses come. I hate it. I don't want to go to the auctions and know where they are going. But if the regulations and inspections were more serious it could get better and hopefully horses that go thru it, will be treated better. I don't hold out a lot of hope though.


If I may comment to your post. Horse slaughter being legalized will not stop the abuse. I know this personally. I don't know the answer to how to make it stop but the way that these animals are transported and slaughtered is inhumane. It just adds to the abuse. It doesn't stop it. I wish there was a simple answer to the problem but there isn't.

Betty Jones

Some things are worse than death..., it is the inhumane way they are treated before there death is what we need to improve in this country. Would it not be nice if more people got involved with abuse before it got to the intense suffering of animals.


You bring up some good points. Beef cattle, sheep, and lambs for goodnes sake all go through horrific experiences. And the chickens! They feed them antibiotics because the ammonia from their urine is so strong where they live day after day that it scars their lungs and causes them to bleed. And we are suppossed to be highest on the food chain......


Slaughter is not humane. What is humane and the morally responsible solution for horses who are ill and old is veterinarian adminstered euthanasia. No money for inspection means that horses cannot be slaughtered for human consumption. Please do not switch topics so you can create a straw man argument abortion is irrelevant to the topic of horse slaughter. 80% of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter we do not eat horses just as we do not eat dogs and cats. The answer to abuse and neglect is enforcement of the existing laws against it and and punishment. Why should horses pay the price for human actions. Slaughtering horses amounts to punishing the victims. Now we need a federal ban on horse slaughter. Who are you kidding open up jobs for who? They will be real high paying jobs. Read the literature slaughter house moves in crime goes up because of the sort of people who are willing to make a living slaughtering horses. Lastly, the argument from is to ought is a naturalistic fallacy. Just because something has been accepted does not make it right.


It has been proven many times before that Horse Slaughter is NOT a humane practice- they do not have the regulations in place as they do for other animals such as cattle and pigs, etc. If you indeed were a horse owner you would know that horses are "flight" animals- many times in these so called slaughter houses they miss the first time- and again and again-thus subjecting the horse to an incredible amount of pain and suffering. You are a horse owner and you are okay with this? Perhaps you really arenot human? No one in their right mind would approve this barbaric practice if seen- and yes I have seen it! You should do some more research to get the facts straight.


The penalties would shut down violators.

Is there please, _any_ progress on Premarin TM(c)?


There is no reason for horse slaughter in the US. There is no excuse for this. Jobs in the slaughter plants are the least of our worries. It is horrendous how slaughter horses are treated and I can't believe the US has allowed it for so long. The transportation to Canada and Mexico needs to be stopped too.