Victory—U.S. Horse Slaughter Rejected by U.S. House Committee!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 3:30pm

Horse lovers across America can celebrate a big victory. The U.S. House Appropriations Committee just approved an amendment that will prevent taxpayer dollars from being used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect U.S. horse slaughter facilities. By blocking this federal funding, the House has taken its first step to ensure that horse slaughter facilities cannot legally operate on U.S. soil. We will need your help to ensure this provision gets through the whole House and the Senate, so stay tuned for upcoming advocacy alerts.

While our current Congress has prided itself on reducing government spending, last year's agriculture funding bill actually omitted this provision—opening the U.S. market to the horse slaughter industry.

"Using taxpayer dollars to fund this abhorrent industry is a wildly unpopular decision," says Nancy Perry, ASPCA Senior Vice President of Government Relations. "At a time when funding for many vital programs is being cut, it is imperative that Congress not use $5 million of taxpayers' money to fund horse slaughter, a cruel practice that benefits only foreign interests."

Take Action!
Rep. Moran’s amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill protects American communities from the devastating environmental and economic impact of horse slaughter facilities, but the bill still has to pass the full House of Representatives. The House will vote on the bill on Tuesday, June 26. Please contact your U.S. representative today and urge him or her to pass the bill with the Moran Amendment intact and reject any attempts to fund horse slaughter during fiscal year 2013!


Do any North Americans actually eat horsemeat? To me, the obvious solution to this horrible dilemma is to geld colts as soon as their testicles descend, thereby preventing the breeding of yet more foals to be eaten. Geldings have little on their minds but playing, eating, and being ridden. The only stallion I've ever ridden had other things on his mind, and was quite difficult to control. Every other male I'd ever ridden was a gelding, easy to saddle-train and happy to be controlled.

Erin Zamzow DVM

No need to get a 'license' to breed horses. We need more grants and money for rescues, castration and euthanasia clinics. Vets are already pressed with all the services we donate to rescue groups, more funding to help with the horse overpopulation issue would be wonderful. IMO when you create an animal whether it is a dog, cat, horse or any other creature, you have taken on a responsibility. Irresponsible breeding will continue because so many people remove themselves from the problem as a whole, we all refuse to see our own culpability.


Completely agree with you. It wouldnt happen if people just fixed their animals. This goes for dogs and cats also.


I totally agree. I fear for these poor horses that are taking these horrifying trips to be slaughtered. We have to stop it all.


Totally in agreement, this has got to stop! The torture these horses experience is horrendous. Our voices can be heard if we yell loud enough...Thank you ASPCA for keeping us rallied for the horses.


They just approved a new Horse Slaughtering Plant in a small town of Missouri. and the town was happy about it. Dont let them open this Facility.


I think it makes a difference which article you read on the subject, all the ones I saw the members if the town were not supportive or happy about it.


Elizabeth, what town is this in?

Christina Pacosz

Sue Wallis a Republican state legislator from the state of Wyoming and her company Unified Equine Solutions is a rabid proponent of horse slaughter. What is she doing in Missouri? There is apparently a large number of unwanted/abandoned horses out there according to some web sites I have been on. If this is actually the case or not I do not know. That shutdown packing plant in Rockville is supposed to be up and running by the fall and it is planned to kill 800 horses EACH DAY!!! Sue Wallis and her ilk must be stopped.


Although I do not live in the USA I still fully support stopping this slaughter, I am in Australia and I know it happens here to but there are alot of Kind people that go to the auctions and save these beautiful animals so they can be sent to forever homes Good Luck.