Victory! 11 States Reject Bills to Help Cover Up Animal Abuse

Friday, July 26, 2013 - 2:00pm
Sheep with yellow tag in ear laying in hay

We did it! Today the North Carolina State Senate adjourned for the year without passing S.B. 648, an “ag-gag” bill that sought to keep the public in the dark about animal abuse and food-safety problems on factory farms. We are thrilled to announce that this means all 11 state-level whistleblower suppression bills proposed this year were defeated!

This huge victory is thanks to the hard work of a large coalition of interest groups and the actions of concerned citizens, like the dedicated members of the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade, who told their legislators that they want transparency and accountability when it comes to how farm animals are treated. With the defeats of these bills, we have shown the agriculture industry that suppressing investigations—and the hard truths they often uncover—is not an acceptable response to the real problem of abuse on factory farms.

Learn why ag-gag laws endanger both animal and human health.