This Valentine’s Day, Capitol Hill Has Gone to the Dogs!

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 10:30am
girl with puppy standing up against gate

Capitol Hill has gone to the dogs…and cats! Today our Government Relations Team will join the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus in hosting the “Paws for Love” animal adoption event. 

“On this annual celebration of love, we think it is most appropriate to offer a truly unconditional bond, regardless of your party affiliation—the love of a wonderful cat or dog,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “There are millions of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted into loving, permanent homes. Republican or Democrat, we all want to do our part to help.”

“I’m proud to be a sponsor of Paws for Love and am looking forward to welcoming so many rescued dogs and cats, as well as the dedicated volunteers and staff that care for them, to Capitol Hill,” says Representative John Campbell, co-host of today’s event. “Not only will this be a fun and memorable event for all involved, it will be an opportunity for many to adopt these pets and raise support and awareness for the millions of rescued animals that need homes each year.”

“There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to express our appreciation for the unconditional love that shelter pets bring to our lives,” says Representative Jim Moran. “Thanks to the ASPCA and all the shelters and rescues here today for showcasing the hard work done across the country to help homeless pets find loving homes. ”

The event is expected to draw hundreds, including members of Congress and their staff.

dog wearing "Adopt me" vest
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Satin's mom

My sad sad story... I fostered a pet for more than 6 weeks, after the typical initial two period to decide, being allowed by the Rescue,extended time because of her lack of socialization and agreessiveness, allowing me the opportunity of time to ensure a better bond with my current worked and we all fell in love. She became a huge part of my life as disabled senior. I miss her terribly and my home life is not the same. This happened on Feb 2nd. It took the little Chi time to get along and just as her progress showed signs of stability, the Rescue agency recruited and adopted her out to another home. I was told I had first choice during this entire process to adopt with no limitatipon set, and no release form of any kind releasing m yfirst cplace status.I purposely picked this pet out of many based on her sad little abondment story from her original home, to shelter, then to my home. It turns out she was sweet as pie with a few areas needing work. I put the time in to make her mine and made my desire known same day(within 1 hr)as new adoption. My question is, how does one encourage the Rescue to rescind the new adoption to honor their verbal agreement. It all happened so fast yet I always thought that any purchase had a window of time for a void, cancellation, to rescind in this case. While they considered the scenario for this pet to be in a single pet home, I came to realise I can not live without her and did not want to let her out of my life. This pet was already happy in her forever home with me so why force subject her into more heartache. I feel that unless they offered and I signed a release to my interest to the verbal agreement, they would allow me to adopt. My original application clearly states My interest was foster to adopt only, not volunteer to just foster to foster until adoption and they have nothing in writing to support that. It was always to adopt this pet, and I took the time to retrain, socialize, and change her behaviors to make her mine. Shouldn't they have honored my first right to her and can't the adoption be rescinded based on the verbal agreement I believed told to me? How do I go about getting my beloved pet back home with me? What can be done...I need help understanding what to do, who to contact to persuade this Rescue to make this right in my favor.