Urgent: Save America’s Wild Horses!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 12:30pm
Red horse looking straight ahead

In 1971, Congress declared our wild horses and burros an integral part of our public rangelands and ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to care for them as cultural icons. Over the years, the BLM has rounded up tens of thousands of our wild equines, often with cruel methods, and shipped them to tax-funded holding facilities where they are confined for the rest of their lives.

The BLM is again looking to apply the same failed model of round-ups and removals in revised management plans for wild horses out West. These plans must be altered.

If adopted, these management plans would decimate the wild horse population in the Wyoming Checkerboard, a two-million-acre mix of public and private land where nearly half of Wyoming’s wild horses live. This is certainly not the free-roaming vision Congress set out for these majestic animals.

The good news is that you can help! The BLM is accepting public comments through Friday, September 27, on the potentially devastating revisions to Resource Management Plans that will cull wild horses in Wyoming.

Please be a voice for our wild horses before their time runs out. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now to quickly contact the BLM. Urge the agency to adopt policies that give horses their fair share of habitat and keep them on the range where they belong.

On behalf of the horses, we thank you!

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When are these power hungry "officials" going to learn that everything has the right to live including the horses!! What is the matter w/people that they just want to kill everything in sight; the wolves, the horses, the seals, the whales, the trees. Where does it all end? What will be left for humans once we completely destroy all other living creatures and the earth itself? I'm actually glad that I am a senior citizen and won't be around to see the total destruction of this planet.


So many beautiful things that once were here are being taken away from where they belong. Leave these wild and beautiful creatures alone!

Don Hughes

Apparently, Sec. Jewell ignored all pleas of rational thinking yesterday, because nothing has changed. Jewell the enabler, BLM the criminal enterprise defrauding the American Public.

Leslye Faulkner

We need to take care of the animals GOD has allowed us to share. And in doing that, we must allow them to be free as intended. Give horses their fair share of land and keep them on the range where they belong. It's the right thing to do.

Rosie Benson

Wild means wild, leave these horses and burros alone! I wish everyone would realize that wild and natural need to be left alone, that is the way the planet will flourish.

Prakash Shrivastava

No one has the right to torture wild horses.


Please save these majestic creatures.... BLM please consider these horses and let them live their lives in their habitat!


The methods that the BLM are using are cruel, and not needed. This practice needs to stop immediately. Our wild horses are a treasure that should be respected and protect. Not removed so that the lands can be used for profit for ranchers.



Patrice Rader

Please stop this inhumane practice. Do not let this be our legacy that we saw this and allowed this. It is our time to stand up and say that this is wrong. We can work together to come up with humane solutions. We know it and our children know it. These horses share this earth with us.