Urgent: Save America’s Wild Horses!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 12:30pm
Red horse looking straight ahead

In 1971, Congress declared our wild horses and burros an integral part of our public rangelands and ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to care for them as cultural icons. Over the years, the BLM has rounded up tens of thousands of our wild equines, often with cruel methods, and shipped them to tax-funded holding facilities where they are confined for the rest of their lives.

The BLM is again looking to apply the same failed model of round-ups and removals in revised management plans for wild horses out West. These plans must be altered.

If adopted, these management plans would decimate the wild horse population in the Wyoming Checkerboard, a two-million-acre mix of public and private land where nearly half of Wyoming’s wild horses live. This is certainly not the free-roaming vision Congress set out for these majestic animals.

The good news is that you can help! The BLM is accepting public comments through Friday, September 27, on the potentially devastating revisions to Resource Management Plans that will cull wild horses in Wyoming.

Please be a voice for our wild horses before their time runs out. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now to quickly contact the BLM. Urge the agency to adopt policies that give horses their fair share of habitat and keep them on the range where they belong.

On behalf of the horses, we thank you!

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Johanna Guzman

Let them be , leave the horses where they belong they ain't hurting anybody!!!


BLM/ big government is not managing our wild horse and burro herds, they are taking them below genetic viability and killing them off slowly at the expense of the federal tax payers. At the same time they are benefitting the cattle ranchers and that industry. Not even all the cattle rangers with grazing leases want the horses and burros gone. There are other ways to " manage"and perserve the wild herds: we must find them. We need another Velma...Wild Horse Annie.


Was reading about a company called Modern Meadow they are making leather and are working on meat. Maybe some day we can do away with ranching all together and the mustangs can have their land back. :-)

Jeff West

I couldn't do a better job than Lynda Haynes in expressing how I feel about this injustice . I'm am part native American , and it seens B.L.M. doesn't care anything about the Horses or helping the situation in any way .

Lynn J

Wild horses need to be free to roam and should be left alone! All animals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, love and care, just like we human animals like to be treated!


It was the horse that plowed our fields, hauled our crops to market, transported us to distant places, brought us West and provided the labors to settle the land. It seems to me we owe the horse some respect. We certainly owe it a place to live in our modern world.

carol hibschman

Leave our wild horses free. Leave the mountain lions, wolves & coyotes alone to control the populations. Either remove the over population of sheep & cattle or allow the predators to eat them too.

President Roosevelt (Teddy) set aside the national parks for to preserve the wildlife; not for corporations to bleed them dry of natural resources.

Republicans USED to be the party of Conservation not Destruction. I wish they still were.


Wild horses should remain exactly that.... wild!


Why don't we round up BLM. Let the Horses be, part of our heritage.


Let the horses be free!!!!