Urgent Alert: Dogs in Hot Cars

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 11:45am
Dogs in Hot Cars

As summer heats up, it’s tempting to bring your pet with you on car rides around town. Sadly, many people believe that cracking a window is enough to keep their dogs cool in the car while they make a quick pit stop—but they couldn’t be more wrong. When it’s 80 degrees outside, your car will be a staggering 114 degrees in less than 30 minutes.

Worse still, dog can’t cool themselves down as easily as people, and once they overheat, they can suffer extensive organ damage or die. That’s why leaving an animal alone in a car is more than just a bad idea, it’s a form of animal cruelty. And since the ASPCA can’t be everywhere at all times, we need YOU to be our eyes and ears on the ground.

To help save animals from dying in hot cars, take the following actions:

  • Immediately call animal control or 911 if you see an animal trapped in a hot car. Local law officials have the ability to enter the vehicle and rescue the pet.
  • Do not leave until help has arrived.
  • Notify the managers of nearby businesses so they can make an urgent announcement.
  • Sign our Hot Car Pledge to help save lives this summer and all year long.

We are working hard to spread awareness about the dangers of hot cars, but all too often, the difference between life and death comes down to the actions of individuals like you. We hope you will join our cause by keeping an eye out for dogs in distress, and by making a donation today. Together, we can prevent more tragedies and make this summer our safest season yet.

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TO LEE: Oh, don't be so critical of others.. This person means well , and is trying to be a good Samaritan and help the animals.. I am a spelling , grammar and punctuation nut, .also, but - THERE IS A TIME AND A PLACE FOR IT! NOT HERE, IN THIS CASE. NOT HERE. It is about helping and saving animals..

Wendy Walbrecht

Lee, this drives me nuts too. I swear, I'm going to start calling people out on it, no matter what the original topic is. People in third world countries who know English use better grammer, spelling, and punctuation than so many of our Americans. I am embarassed for us. On the original topic, be careful when taking action. I saw such a situation in a Walmart parking lot, went in, and reported it to the courtesy desk. They made an announcment over the loud speaker. The couple came to the coutesy desk and got very hostile, and cursed me out. I stayed cool and polite, but determined, but sensing possible danger, went about my business in the store, as it looked like they were leaving. I guess the woman did, but I was told later that the man was trying to track me down in the store. Of course they should have called 911. So be careful, especially about confronting them by yourself. Some of these people are not sterling citizens, and feel you are interfering with their right to do whatever they want.

Rene (Tony)

I totally agree!! we are all in it together! don't wait for "George" to do it.

Allison Clark

Hilde, I LOVE this idea!!! And maybe some law changes that would lessen penalties for smashing a window if/when a child or animal is found to be left inside a hot car!

Clancy's Mom

Be careful when breaking a window. The flying glass from a side window can have very sharp little slivers that can do damage to both front and back seats. My car was broken into, (my dog was hiking with me) and the little slivers were all over the seats. They're very hard to remove even with hand protection.


that is the best idea I've ever heard! Give people power to either inform the ignorant(let them claim it once) and the police to jail for the crimes "we" see! I love this! Hilde Dewey


It actually happen today, I came out of our base's pass & I.D. office and a huge semi-truck was park w/ its front end facing my passenger side of my car. I looked up and notice what was a dog in the driver seat, kinda hard to tell cause the sun was already shinning on the trucks front window, it was about 9:40am and the temp here in CA was already @ a high of 75. Just stand outside of my car I was sweating and as I stood there noticing truck not running, not even windows cracked I got mad. Made my son get out of the car and march back to that office and tell the base security. Well I guess the owner of the truck must of heard me cause while they were trying to find him and I was heading back to my car, the driver was in his truck & had it running! When I talked to base security, I mentioned if I'm sweating in this heat can u imagine how that dog must feel! Unacceptable! Living, breathing, heart beats, if you won't sit in a truck facing the sun with windows rolled up w\o a\c y would you do it to livingng, breathing, heart beating animal?

Catherine Turley

That's precisely why I started selling these custom car magnets. Maybe we can finally get through to people.


I would not hesitate to break a car window if help did not arrive quickly enough and the animal inside appeared to be unconscious or in severe distress. I'm sure there would be legal consequences to such an action, but an animal's life is more important.


Good on you! I was waiting for someone saying this obvious illegal prompt action, not BS!