Update: U.S. Horse Slaughter on Hold…for Now

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 1:00pm
Update: U.S. Horse Slaughter on Hold…for Now

We recently told you that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved applications for horse slaughter inspections at Valley Meat Company LLC in Roswell, New Mexico, and Responsible Transportation in Sigourney, Iowa. The USDA is likely to also grant horse slaughter inspections at Rains Natural Meats plant in Gallatin, Missouri, in the coming days.

This week we learned that no horse slaughter plants will be granted inspections until at least July 29 as a result of a lawsuit filed against the USDA by several animal welfare organizations.

This lawsuit buys critical time for our horses. The Agriculture Appropriations bills, which contain language that would prevent horse slaughter in the U.S., are expected to pass in the coming months. We are seeing building momentum for the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, which would prevent the slaughter of horses in the U.S., end the current export of American horses for slaughter abroad and protect consumers from unknowingly ingesting toxic horse meat.

Please be a voice for horses TODAY: Urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the SAFE Act to end this horrific threat to American horses and protect the public. This is a pivotal time for horses and they need your voice more than ever!

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Sam Gool

Dear all the association members, accidentally, I find one thing which makes make my hair stand on end in a china's twitter: . The blogger killed the bought pets with maltreatment, and show it on the internet, can you offer some help or advice for preventing this kind of behavior? Many thanks


Report this to the authorities, the police. They need to do something about it

Jan M.

On Facebook, a thumbnail on the right side of my page caught my eye. The caption had to do with beautiful grayish white husky-type dogs with beautiful coats that were raised just for their fur. The horrific part was that they do this while the animal is still alive. I couldn't watch the video. Just the idea of their monumental cruelty nearly brought me to a point of hysteria and physically ill. I noticed the thumbnail is no longer there. I couldn't stand to be on FB with that on the page every time.


I have reported things such as this to FB before and they do absolutely nothing. FB need to get their heads out of their butts and start monitoring who signs up to their site...


as well as report these acts to the proper is their responsibility to get involved...


Reporting to Facebook won't stop the abuse anyway, it will possibly get the proof needed to prosecute theses sicko's taken down! Don't report to Facebook, report to ASPCA, Humane Societies, Police!


That's illegal. The Crush Video act may cover it.

susan caran

Sam, there must be other people who feel as you. Especially young people. Start a face book group.


I see that the site is no longer....this sickens me as well...I hope that they are caught...

PJ-animal lover

Yes, any photo or video of animals being fought, tortured,killed,etc are very hard to look at and should be reported to this organization, HSUS,the police or other authorities where the incident was filmed. But we don't want to complain to FB & have these taken down since FB pages such as Animal Cruelty Exposed (ACE) uses them on their page to show the rest of us just exactly what is going on out there so that we will be motivated to act