UPDATE: Pets Arrive at Emergency Boarding Facility

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 2:30pm

The ASPCA Emergency Boarding Facility has been up and running in Brooklyn since Saturday November 17! Our dedicated staff and volunteers are currently caring for about 150 animals and providing relief to Sandy victims who need temporary housing for their pets. Check out photos of the operation in our Facebook album.

This week, we received pets at locations near the hardest hit areas, including the Rockaways and Coney Island on Monday and Tuesday and Staten Island and Red Hook later in the week. The facility has also welcomed pets who were being housed at evacuation centers or a Sean Casey Animal Rescue facility, as well as animals dropped off directly by their families.

Made possible in part thanks to a $500,000 grant from Rachael Ray, this free service was created in response to the many pet parents who asked for a place to board animals until they found new homes. With the help of volunteers from the ASPCA Adoption Center, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and elsewhere, we’re aiming to give hundreds of families a chance to rebuild their lives without having to say goodbye to their beloved furry family members.

Watch this blog for updates.

If you or someone you know was affected by Sandy and would like to use our free boarding service, please read this post for details.

If you would like to donate to our Disaster Relief Fund, you can do so here.

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Therese M

Thank you, Ms. Ray for giving the donation you did. It is so hard seeing uncared for pets around the neighborhood and now even more are displaced because of Sandy. You need to ask your friends in the entertainment field to add to your contribution. How about instead of that "splurging" at X-mas for gifts, we can give a donation in somone's name to help ALL of our Sandy animals. They are always there for us, we need to be there for them now.

proud parent of...

So thankful for people like Rachael Ray.... I will help as much as can and I'm sure so will many others... God Bless ALL the volunteers and sending my prayers to the victims, human and animal.


Thank You Rachael Ray for your generosity. Can you all imagine Rachael Ray and Bob Barkers animal Kindness and donations together What a pair they would be Wow.

Lynda Ehrich

Rachael Ray, thank you with all my heart. I'm actually a "Coney Island Baby," but have lived in Florida since 1985. I cannot imagine what I would have done if this hurricane had affected us in this way. I have an aging diabetic cat (he was a rescue). He survived the summer of hurricanes in 2004, even though the trailer he lived in blew away and his owner wound up who-knows-where. He was a trailer-park cat for about a year, living on handouts. Just the thought of entrusting ANYONE to refrigerate his insulin, administer exactly 4 units twice a day terrifies me. Thank you for your generosity. I pray that all the families affected by this hurricane will find decent housing soon, and not forget the pets they dropped off.

Mary Ellen Cubbon

What a wonderful gift. More people should be so generous. My smallgift helps but your grant makes a world of difference to so many. Tahnkyou for your generousity. You are a good person.


Bless you, Rachael! If each of us just gave $5 -- can you imagine how many "babies" we could care for! Sent mine -- how about the rest of you??

Richard S Unger

I am too old and out of shape to physically go and help due to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. However, I can donate a little as every bit helps, I guess. But You Rachael Ray to donate $500,000 to ASPCA, you are an angel who really does speak for the animals. Thank you so much. You have a fan for life.

elizabeth poblanno

Thank you very much for your donation. May god Bless you more and more! You have a new viewer now. Thank you again.

Linda Rosalyn

Thank you so for Rachel Rea !!!!!! God bless you always!!:)

Laura Fenton

Thank you Rachel Ray, for your kindness and generosity in donating to have this wonderful Boarding Facilities for the pets that need a place to stay until their families find new housing. You are a wonderful person and a "true angel".