UPDATE: Pets Arrive at Emergency Boarding Facility

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 2:30pm

The ASPCA Emergency Boarding Facility has been up and running in Brooklyn since Saturday November 17! Our dedicated staff and volunteers are currently caring for about 150 animals and providing relief to Sandy victims who need temporary housing for their pets. Check out photos of the operation in our Facebook album.

This week, we received pets at locations near the hardest hit areas, including the Rockaways and Coney Island on Monday and Tuesday and Staten Island and Red Hook later in the week. The facility has also welcomed pets who were being housed at evacuation centers or a Sean Casey Animal Rescue facility, as well as animals dropped off directly by their families.

Made possible in part thanks to a $500,000 grant from Rachael Ray, this free service was created in response to the many pet parents who asked for a place to board animals until they found new homes. With the help of volunteers from the ASPCA Adoption Center, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and elsewhere, we’re aiming to give hundreds of families a chance to rebuild their lives without having to say goodbye to their beloved furry family members.

Watch this blog for updates.

If you or someone you know was affected by Sandy and would like to use our free boarding service, please read this post for details.

If you would like to donate to our Disaster Relief Fund, you can do so here.

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Thanks Rachel from one pit bull lover to another. God will bless you for your generosity and kindness.

Darla Hill

Rachael Ray is the Best!!!! Where are other "Star's"???? If all other's would have donated for this we would really be in Great Shape!!!! Star's... You can still help with this???


Thank you Rachel Ray and to all of those at the ASPCA! I am willing to foster a cat if the need is there. Thank God all these animals have a chance now.

sarah plummer

Kudos to Rachel Ray for her generous donation to ASPCA and to all of the people that help in one way or another to help. From one animal lover to all of the others that help non-profit organizations.

I pitched in too. I'm happy to help. I only wish I could give more. Thank you Rachel Ray for your generosity. That was way cool. :)

Christopher Aponte

OMG, Rachel Ray, Rachel Ray, Rachel Ray, I always knew behind that beautifull woman there is a beautifull soul! Happy Holidays Mrs Ray!!!


I have never watched a lot of cooking shows, but from now on I will be a big Rachel Ray fan after learning about her Grant! What a great person!

Sara Chambers

Sending check in MEMORY of my beautiful daughter, who was a lover of all animals, as well as family and friends. She also loved our earth, and practiced the 3Rs...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...better than anyone I know. I'm thankful to have known this wonderful person, and sure that she would APPROVE this donation!


Rachel-you are a blessing for all of us! Thank you so much for your support. You have saved so many of our family members.

Donna Lewallen

Thanks to you Rachel Ray! The number of lives you have touch with your gift is too numberous to count. Thanks for the love and compassion you shared with us all. If any of your fellow celebrities would care to match your gift so many more could be helped. Give them a nudge Rachel! That smile of yours can accomplish GREAT things! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!