UPDATE: Pets Arrive at Emergency Boarding Facility

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 2:30pm

The ASPCA Emergency Boarding Facility has been up and running in Brooklyn since Saturday November 17! Our dedicated staff and volunteers are currently caring for about 150 animals and providing relief to Sandy victims who need temporary housing for their pets. Check out photos of the operation in our Facebook album.

This week, we received pets at locations near the hardest hit areas, including the Rockaways and Coney Island on Monday and Tuesday and Staten Island and Red Hook later in the week. The facility has also welcomed pets who were being housed at evacuation centers or a Sean Casey Animal Rescue facility, as well as animals dropped off directly by their families.

Made possible in part thanks to a $500,000 grant from Rachael Ray, this free service was created in response to the many pet parents who asked for a place to board animals until they found new homes. With the help of volunteers from the ASPCA Adoption Center, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and elsewhere, we’re aiming to give hundreds of families a chance to rebuild their lives without having to say goodbye to their beloved furry family members.

Watch this blog for updates.

If you or someone you know was affected by Sandy and would like to use our free boarding service, please read this post for details.

If you would like to donate to our Disaster Relief Fund, you can do so here.

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jean cloudy

thanks rachael ray. not just a good cook you are a saint to these familys and their pets. thanks


Rachael Ray, you are, as my dad used to say, "one of the good ones". A heartfelt thank you.

Rosanne Artese

How awesome of you, Rachael Ray! Most people with such means wouldn'tdo as you have for animals. Your contribution has enabled the ASPCA to provide this emergency shelter for Hurricane Sandy's animal victims until they can be reunited with their families. Once this building is no longer needed for Hurricane Sandy victims I wish the ASPCA could keep it permanently functioning as an added shelter for NYC ACC animals, which would alleviate the overcrowding in their existing shelters and lessen the killing of animals simply to make room for new arrivals. I will be making a donation to the Relief Fund shortly. :)

elena sterner

Thank you remembering our furry friends.

Kelly Quickle

ASPCA does a fantastic job of helping families after a disaster - I responded for them last year during the floods and can tell you first hand they are AMAZING! Do not hesitate to make even a small contribution for Sandy, or even become an ASPCA Guardian for as little as $18 a month (that's only 6 cents a day!) Rachael Ray, thank you for your generous contribution - you may be a great cook, but the first thing I think of is your love of your own dogs, and your generosity to animals!


Great Job. Saw this on the new last week. I'm just surprised how long it took to get the word out. You Go Girl!

Steve forbes

Thank you to the many volunteers who provide meaningful and selfless service to the community. Truly, a Thanks for your Giving! Sf


Ty so much Rachel ray ur awesome for what you did you have been a blessing to so many families god bless you


Thank you Rachel! Your an angel and I have always been a fan and you have again shown your true heart!


Thankyou Rachael Ray...You have a big heart, as well as an awesome cook too!
PS: and another very special thanks to all the staff and other persons that have come to the rescue of our furry loved ones and the families in depair!