Update: Multi-State Dog Fighting Bust

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 10:30am
Update: Multi-State Dog Fighting Bust

We’re still on the ground helping care for the canine victims rescued during a multi-state dog fighting bust that occurred in Texas, Kansas and Missouri. The ASPCA Field Investigations & Response team managed the removal and transport of nearly 100 dogs on Saturday and Sunday, during a spring snowstorm that made the rescue even more difficult for both the victims and responders.

Sadly, we’ve become all too familiar with scenes like this one. The ASPCA has assisted local and federal authorities in several previous dog fighting cases, including the largest dog fighting seizure in U.S. history in Missouri in 2009, and last year’s bust in the Bronx.

What happens during a large-scale raid like the one that went down this weekend? Read Anatomy of a Raid for all the details. And stay tuned to for more information and photos from this unfolding case.