Update: ASPCA Assists Hundreds of Animals in Flooded Gulf Coast

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - 11:15am
a fawn held by an ASPCA rescuer

As the Southeast continued to cope with flooding in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, ASPCA responders spent Labor Day weekend knee-deep in floodwater saving lives. Because of the efforts of ASPCA responders and others, hundreds of animals—dogs, cats, horses and even deer—are now safe.

In Mississippi, an ASPCA team worked to rescue stranded animals, including a young fawn in Harrison County who became trapped on a small piece of high ground after her mother swam to safety. Just as her patch of land was submerged, our responders arrived to take her to safety. She is now with the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Nature Preservation Society of Long Beach, Mississippi.

Meanwhile in Louisiana five teams—comprised of responders from the ASPCA, Louisiana State Animal Response Team, Texas State Animal Response Team and Calcasieu Parish—together handled search and rescue requests.

A team of responders assisted the coastally situated St. John Parish Animal Shelter in LaPlace, Louisiana, purchasing equipment to deep-clean the kennel after flooding robbed it of most of its space for dogs. St. John’s is getting back on its feet but has severely limited space. In response, the ASPCA transported nearly 70 dogs and cats from St. John’s.

To help local shelters find space to accept animals rescued from flooding, our Animal Relocation team also moved 80 adoptable cats and dogs from Plaquemines Parish and 20 from Jefferson Parish. In total, the ASPCA relocated 90 dogs and 84 cats to shelters with space to care for them: the generous Humane Society of North Texas, SPCA of Texas and the Atlanta Humane Society. (Thank you!)

Our work is not yet complete. If you’re seeking a way to help, you can make a gift to the ASPCA here. The ASPCA relies on the support of compassionate people like you to conduct rescues like this one and to assist animals facing other crises.

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If she gets colic mix pepto with her milk. That is what I did when we saved our fawn.

Tonya Todd

Thanks for being there for our furry friends. Bless all of you and be safe.

Patty Meehan

Thank you, ASPCA, for all your help, especially at the St. John shelter. You are an organization that is reliable, true to its stated mission, and never ego-driven. Thank you for helping our most vunerable and valuable residents. :)


The animals in LaPlace, LA are still in urgent need of help. So many families are starting the process or reclaiming or leaving their homes, but many are doing this by leaving their animals to fend for themselves or bringing them to the already crowded shelter. Thank you so much for all that you have done so far, but they still need a great deal of help. Please donate if you can. ASPCA, will you be returning to LaPlace?

Sam Iseso

My daughter was VERY upset when she read this article about animals in need. my wife and I are seeking a way to help, we want to can make a gift to the ASPCA locally since the ASPCA relies on the support of compassionate people like you to conduct rescues like this one and to assist animals facing other crises. we will blog about it on our photograph forum as well in hopes of creating awareness. Origingally from Louisiana this hits close to home. Please keep up the great work!!


Your organization and those who work and volunteer for ASPCA are truly wonderful. Thank you for your commitment to helping and saving those who cannot help themselves.