Update: 4,000 Birds Seized in Largest Cockfighting Bust in NY State

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 2:30pm
Ulster County Update

Earlier this week, we told you about our support of a massive cockfighting bust that spanned three counties in New York State. At the request of the New York State Attorney General's Office, the ASPCA is still on the ground at an Ulster County farm, assisting with the removal, transport and sheltering of as many as 4,000 fighting roosters.

While our responders establish a temporary shelter, where the birds will be cared for and housed pending court disposition, law enforcement officers have arrested three individuals associated with the farm, where birds allegedly destined for cockfights, were bred and trained. The owner of the property was apprehended in south Florida, and according to investigators and an article in the New York Times, has operated an extensive cockfighting pipeline for years.

Several other arrests were made on Saturday night when investigators busted a cockfight in Queens and raided a pet shop in Brooklyn. Cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states. In New York, cockfighting and possession of a fighting bird at a cockfighting location are felonies, with each charge carrying a maximum penalty of four years in jail and a maximum fine of $25,000.

Stay tuned to for more news to come—and please consider making a gift to the ASPCA today. Together we can rescue more animals from lives of suffering and abuse.

Ulster County roosters

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Just send the stupid a holes to prison then parole to a deserted island with people eating Vultures.How about them apples.Fight fire with fire


This Cockfighting needs to come complete STOP for all times. HOW can someone wants for their roosters or chickens to fight among others??? It is very, very cruel and should be against the Law of this Land for ALL 50 States.
The owners of these roosters and chickens should face punishment for their cruelty to these animals.


thank you so sad people want to fight roosters yes we eat chicken but they should be raised with all their needs met and killed quickest you can with less pain,they do have feelings same as us '


Meat eaters are fooling themselves if they think they are not involved in the cruelty of animals and the destruction of our planet!!!


it is horrible all around how chickens are treated whether for 'sport", food or egg production. The solutions are easy> It is matter of changing people's mind set and enforcing it.

Carey Winicki

Thank you so guys are so awesome and that is why i donate every month to you..i pray for you everynight that The Good Lord will continue to help you bust these MONSTERS For what they do to these innocent animals..God Bless.


These idiots that support activity like this, there fines should go to fighting animal crimes 100%. Plus they need to be locked up for a while, they got nothing better else to do anyway!

George Roy

so many humans are barbaric. I sometimes think that God made a hugh mistake placing humans on earth. I do eat meat that others kill, but I try to find wild versus farmed meat. Of course animals kill and eat each other for food, but humans often kill for the fun of killing.

George Peabody

Hawaii is loaded with cockfighting rings and cockfighting farms, all supported by immigrants claiming its their culture and their right to their culture practices.
Come and get em!

Manhar kayastha

These people are cowards & scum of Earth.They have balls to hurt innocent creatures,in real life ,they are cowards.They are not brought up right or show off!! They have nothing to show off . I hope they really suffer.