Two’s Company: Two Kittens are Better Than One

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 4:00pm
white and brown kittens laying down

When Allison B. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan for the first time earlier this month, she left with not one, but two kittens. Allison had considered adopting a cat for several months, and lucky for these kitties, she decided to bring home a pair. She named them Sierra and Tobias.

“My boyfriend and I have wanted a cat since we moved into our apartment back in October,” Allison says.  “I was visiting family for the Fourth of July and on the drive home I just decided it was time. My aunt is a cat lover, and she was the one who suggested getting two.”

While Allison had been to other animal shelters before, this was her first visit to the ASPCA.

“The adoption process was very easy,” she says. “The staff was knowledgeable and friendly.”

Allison tells us it has been smooth sailing with Sierra and Tobias.

“Sierra and Tobias adjusted very quickly to home,” Allison says. “I think since they had each other it made it a lot easier for them to feel comfortable.”

We’re thrilled these two feline friends found a loving home where they can enjoy each other’s company!

young couple holding two kittens