Two’s Company: Two Kittens are Better Than One

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 4:00pm
white and brown kittens laying down

When Allison B. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan for the first time earlier this month, she left with not one, but two kittens. Allison had considered adopting a cat for several months, and lucky for these kitties, she decided to bring home a pair. She named them Sierra and Tobias.

“My boyfriend and I have wanted a cat since we moved into our apartment back in October,” Allison says.  “I was visiting family for the Fourth of July and on the drive home I just decided it was time. My aunt is a cat lover, and she was the one who suggested getting two.”

While Allison had been to other animal shelters before, this was her first visit to the ASPCA.

“The adoption process was very easy,” she says. “The staff was knowledgeable and friendly.”

Allison tells us it has been smooth sailing with Sierra and Tobias.

“Sierra and Tobias adjusted very quickly to home,” Allison says. “I think since they had each other it made it a lot easier for them to feel comfortable.”

We’re thrilled these two feline friends found a loving home where they can enjoy each other’s company!

young couple holding two kittens

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Being proud parents of a brother and sister 2 1/2 yr old cats who's adoption will be made final next month I can attest to the fact that 2 is better than 1. These two would have been devastated had they been split up. The amazing thing is that they had the reputation of being anti social and would scratch and bite people who were thinking of adopting them. Turns out they just needed the right humans to come along. We have fostered them for 5 months now and we were patient with them and allowed them to decided when to come to us. Well, we now have two very well adjusted lap cats that are as loving as you ever imagine. They love each other so very much and when were are out of the house we usually come home home to finf them curled up together, sleeping peacefully.


Love, love, love it! Please take care of those babies. I see so many kittens that when they turn into cats, owners abandon them. Kittens are cute - cats are forever. Love them and they will be your best friend. We have two and they are the best. :-)

Cathryn Bauer

Multiple cats is a good thing. And these sure look like sweeties. Congrats to this family! We have three. They exercise each other and keep each other company when we are not around. Solangecat and Moniquecat came from Maine Coon Adoptions and the SPCA, respectively. They flew out with me when we relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to Prince Frederick, MD in January 2012. Their younger sister, Bodaciouscat, formerly of Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, joined them in our new house in January 2013. Both Solange and Monique have lost a pound each since we adopted Bodacious.


So very happy for you Allison and your boyfriend on your new "babies". I have always had tabbies because of their markings. I adopted at 12 weeks a brother/sister combo in 1984. The male (Buffy) had diabetes the last 7 months of his life (13). I still have his sister (Misty) and she is 19 1/2 now. She has thyroid problems which I give her medicine in alternate ears (real easy by the way). I'm so glad I got two kittens because you have double trouble and double pleasure. They keep each other company when you are at work or away from home. Mine slept together constantly and they both turned out to be lap cats. You will have belly laughs with your new little ones. Have fun and enjoy them. They are so cute and beautiful. Adorable family photo!


Cats are like a popular munchie, you can't have just one.

Cindy d'Aquin-Pike

Many many years of happiness to all four of you! There is a special joy in raising furry children; while not without its frustrations and worries, there are new and happy discoveries at every turn in the road. The best thing is what you learn about yourself: how to love and be loved unconditionally in return.


I have to say thank you for saving two precious creations of God and giving them homes where they are wanted! I have two cats myself they keep each other company it was a good suggestion on allisons aunt part! .. and being the two are bonded to each other too, was smart to have them stay together other wise they can get very lonely,sad, depressed. I tired separating my two once they cried for each other all the time , they were lot without each other so , i knew they could never be separated. This was such a sweet story, it's always great to hear of happy endings with happy beginnings!!! : D good for you two yay!!!!


I have two brothers from the same litter. They are very identical and love each other. They do everything together,sleep together,eat together,play together. You get the gist! It is great. Oh yes, I can never tell who to get after when there is mischief made!


Best wishes and lots of happiness with your new additions! I grew up with dogs, and still love them, but have become a cat lover over the years. It's more fun with at least two.
You look like a happy and loving family!!!


That is Awesome to hear that you adobted two kittens!!! I have two as well and could not imagine my life without either one of them. Their names are Toots and Wilson and they love each other like you won't believe!!! They are the best of friends. All of you will make one happy family. Congrats you too!!!!