Two’s Company: Two Kittens are Better Than One

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 4:00pm
white and brown kittens laying down

When Allison B. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan for the first time earlier this month, she left with not one, but two kittens. Allison had considered adopting a cat for several months, and lucky for these kitties, she decided to bring home a pair. She named them Sierra and Tobias.

“My boyfriend and I have wanted a cat since we moved into our apartment back in October,” Allison says.  “I was visiting family for the Fourth of July and on the drive home I just decided it was time. My aunt is a cat lover, and she was the one who suggested getting two.”

While Allison had been to other animal shelters before, this was her first visit to the ASPCA.

“The adoption process was very easy,” she says. “The staff was knowledgeable and friendly.”

Allison tells us it has been smooth sailing with Sierra and Tobias.

“Sierra and Tobias adjusted very quickly to home,” Allison says. “I think since they had each other it made it a lot easier for them to feel comfortable.”

We’re thrilled these two feline friends found a loving home where they can enjoy each other’s company!

young couple holding two kittens

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Two kittens are better than one!!! And Sierra and Tobias are too adorable, precious and sweet for mere words. My heart is swelling just looking at them. It was wonderful of you and your boyfriend to adopt bonded animals, Allison. You both look so totally happy and I know that your happiness will last and only grow, grow, grow. Joy to all 4 of you!

melissa Conquest

Happily ever after kind of story. I wish I had a dog or cat. I like cats and dogs.when I was a little girl I took a a stray simease cat I named her friskies after the cat food . I miss her and I often find myself thinking about her.

Robin Harris

I hope all is going well for you two and the kitty cats. You must all be having so much fun together. I love happy animal stories. The adoption is sure a lovely idea. May you continue to have great joy, you two, Sierra and Tobias.


I'm going to adopt a kitten this month and I have a question
In Which age does the cat considered to be an adult?

Wendy Stoner

Well done! Well done!! Cats have this rather odd reputation of being capable of being solitary creatures, but anyone who has cats will tell you that they are often happiest with a friend and two is better than one. Especially a sibling! So happy for all of you Enjoy them!!!


A friend (or three) like in my house. Crazy, loving CHAOS!


Wow! What a happy story! So happy for you and your boy friend, but most of all for Sierra and Tobias. You rescued two sweethearts and are giving them a happy life. I pray that more and more people will do the same. ...They are sooo cute (you can tell how happy they are)! We have three cats, and besides my family, are the loves of my life. I could not imagine my life without them. Looking back to when I didn't have any, they have changed us for the better. Congratulations and best of luck!


Thank you Allison! As the years go by, you will have great memories and stories of the days when you all 4 of your were growing together. The kitties look at home just in your arms, not to mention on the comforter! Joy to you all.


I felt sentimental seeing this picture and remembered that over 17 years ago, we adopted two brothers that were abandoned in Western Pennsylvania by there mother in a friend's barn in the late Fall of 1996. We named them Claude and Maurice. Claude had diabetes for the last 6 years which took a toll on his kidneys, and he died last December in his sleep. Maurice is still around, and for while, really missed his brother as they were inseparable. Now he has become independent and the man of the house. It has been a joy to have them, and seeing this couple reminded me of the first day we got them as kittens.


If you can do it, 2 are better than one. Years ago we adopted 2 brothers, Frasier and Niles. They were completely self-entertaining when they needed to be and lots of fun to watch or play with.