Two Plead Guilty in Three-State Dog Fighting Raid

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 11:00am
Dog hiding in makeshift dog house

In March, the ASPCA assisted local law enforcement, the FBI and the Missouri State Highway Patrol in a multistate dog fighting investigation that resulted in the seizure of nearly 100 animals from multiple locations in Missouri, Kansas and Texas. Since then, an ASPCA team has been working around the clock to care for the rescued animals. We’ve also been fighting for justice.

That’s why we’re pleased that yesterday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kansas, Pete Davis Jr., 38, and Melvin Robinson, 42, each pleaded guilty to one count of transporting dogs to participate in animal fighting. The charges carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison, and sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 9. Charges for a defendant in Texas are pending.

As a result of the hearing, dogs seized from the defendants’ properties in Missouri will be signed over to the ASPCA. We will explore placement options with various rescue groups. Dogs placed with ASPCA response partner shelters after this hearing will be the second group from the case to be placed for adoption.

Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Please help us stop this barbaric form of cruelty and all others. Together we can save animals from lives of cruelty and abuse.

Stay tuned to for more information on this case. Follow the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #3StateRaid.

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Tracy G

Will the investigation include people who attended the dog fighting? Should the public attend the hearing for the two people who plead guilty as a voice for all of the animals who suffered for $$$ . What are the signs of people running a dog fighting ring? How do they recruit people to come to the fights?


If you see someone buying several puppies. If their dogs are chained with a really heavy chains. If you see scars all over the dogs. These are a few of the things you will see when people are fighting dogs. Hope this helps.


Heavy chains are not always a result of the owner using the animal for dog fighting... My pits/rotts are so strong they break everything else!!!!


this is just plain terrible PLEASE HELP AND END THIS


dogs that are stolen/bought are usually a sign of dog fighting. unusual vehicles riding up and down roads. suspicious people walking around a pet store. my pit was stolen for breeding of fighting dogs. to this day I have never found him nor the persons responsible for stealing him


will the people who hosted the dog fights suffer like theye should?
abusing animals is just like abusing people? the punishment should be the smae!


its not the dogs its the people they should be punished more its so unfair i have a pit he was a fighter but we rescued him at least hes happy

K. Latcha

I hope with all of my heart that there is a serious penalty carried out against these people if they are truly convicted of this crime. So much of the time people who should be punished in some way are just let off of the hook with a monetary fine and or community service. What a shame and an insult to the individuals who spend so much of their time and efforts apprehending these criminals and that is just what they are. The whole thing is pretty sick that someone can view such an atrocity and enjoy what he sees for the sake of a bet. What is happening to us as individuals?

Dog Defender

the punishment for abusing animals, expecialy dog fighting should be death. im onlu 15 and i am so deep in stoping these people. ive doon 6 papers so far this year about it. dog fighting is wrong and i have 2 resque pits and treat them like gods. i hope every one helps stop dog fighting.


Openly breeding and fighting pits.