Two Lucky Pets Find Homes During Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 4:00pm

As Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the Tri-State region, ASPCA employees worked tirelessly around the clock to provide critical care to animals in need, including the animals in our Adoption Center in Manhattan.

We are thrilled to report that two lucky animals found loving forever homes in the midst of the chaos caused by this historic storm. 

First, a very special Chihuahua named Bentley—later changed to “Sandy” in honor of the occasion of his adoption—went home with Katherine N. on Monday to join his new family.

This sweet dog has come a long way. When he first arrived at the ASPCA in July, Sandy suffered from severe pneumonia and a broken leg. His pneumonia prevented him from undergoing immediate surgery and as a result, he lost his leg. Sandy took this in stride, happily moving around on three legs. 

Katherine was drawn to Sandy while volunteering as a dog walker at the Adoption Center—his sweet personality and love for sitting in laps was irresistible. She has re-named him “Tito,” and calls him a “hurricane miracle.” He is safe and sound in Katherine’s home, making friends with her other dog, Nina, whom she rescued from the ASPCA in 2005.

On Tuesday, a sweet 12-week-old kitten named Nelly also received his happy ending. With a day off from work due to the hurricane, Christie H. and Mark G. visited our Adoption Center and adopted Nelly to join their cat, an ASPCA rescue named Ted, in their New York City home. Now Nelly is “Ned,” and Ned and Ted are getting along great.

We couldn’t be happier that these two shelter pets found loving families, who were willing to welcome shelter pets into their homes during an unsettling time.   

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