The Truth about Pit Bulls

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 4:00pm

“Pit Bull.” There is no other breed of dog—or arguably, any other animal at all—whose mere mention can elicit such strong opinions. Try a word-associate game with your friends: Ask them what they think of when you say “Pit Bull.” Chances are that by the numbers, their responses will be more negative than positive. And it’s no wonder: No other type of dog is as widely banned from housing, legislated against, or incorrectly vilified by the media.

How did we get here?
Pit Bulls were once widely considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. But in recent years, these dogs have suffered tremendously from a combination of overbreeding, bad publicity and irresponsible owners. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Pits and Pit mixes are sweet goofballs who have gotten a very bad rap.

Learn the truth.
National Pit Bull Awareness Day, on October 27, is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about Pit Bulls and their responsible owners. Please take a moment to learn the truth about these wonderful dogs and consider rescuing one of them from a shelter.

Are you a proud Pit Bull parent? Please participate in National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and help us dispel the myths about these dogs by leaving a comment below about your wonderful pooch.

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Betty Kang

Three years ago, two pitbulls killed my cat in his own garden, and my neighbor's cat and their neighbor's cat. All in their own garden. My heart is simply broken. I didn't know anything about pit bulls until this happened (except Michael Vick)but what I learned about them and all of the grief they have caused human beings (not stats on pets), was horrifying. They need to be neutered out of existence. They were created by humans to be what they are. The pits did not ask to be denatured dogs. They are unpredictable with the potential for extreme violence. A chance meeting with a pit bull can change your life forever, even if you somehow survive. Changing the "public image" just puts more dangerous animals in people's neighborhoods, and no one wants that!

Ellen Robak

I adopted a rescued/fostered pitbull (possibly Dogo Argentino) from Saving Sunny. We named her Roxy. She was a scrawny little thing, had been starved and malnourished. Her front legs were curved inward (almost "pigeon toed"), but she was so happy and we fell in love with her. We got her all filled out (no more ribs showing) and her legs straightened up. Now, she's a healthy size Pitty and is very happy. She has LOTS of energy and always wagging her tail. I love her smile. She always makes me happy. She's mischievious and likes to grab a shoe to carry around or bring a stick in from outside. When it comes time to chill out, she'll snuggle next to me on the bed, and when it's time to actually go to sleep, she willingly goes to her crate ("house"). She's been to 3 sets of behavior training (Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade) and now she's in CGC classes. We have 3 other dogs and 2 cats. She deems herself "Princess" of them all. :) I always look forward to seeing Roxy every morning, and everyday when I get home from work, and with her energy, I know that I have one of the best walking buddies ever. A best friend. I'm so glad we saw her on Saving Sunny and adopted her. She's the first Pitty I've ever had, and now I'm hooked! I love Pitties, and see adopting another in my future.

Heike Ross

Pit Bulls have been a part of my life since 26 years. Rescues as well as puppies from a breeder and I truly LOVE these dogs.My two Pits,that let us sleep in the bed,too, are rescues and the most loving and devoted dogs you will find. My male Pit has "adopted" kittens, squirrel babies and our turkey chicks and,of course, like most Pits, loves kids.
We go on trail rides where he meets other riders with their dogs and horses and as long as nobody tries to steal "his" horses, he is fine!
Swimming, hiking, going for a ride in the truck or taking a nap is all great as long as they can do it with us! I don't care how bad people speak of these dogs, I will always love and keep Pit Bulls!!

Kati J Eddy

I was once a Child Protective Services Worker in WA State. I found that nearly every home in which I met an aggressive pitt was a home in which children were hit (beaten) on a frequent basis. If the the animal cringed away from an adult in the household, I was almost guaranteed to be seeing the abuser....
About four years ago, I was crossing the Gorge Bridge near Taos NM, running for her life towards me in the on coming lane was a small female pitt, hotly pursued by a semi. I pulled over the door was opened, and she was in my lap before I could holler "come" out my window. She lives with three other dogs of various sizes and breeds and as many as 12 cats. She is now the big sister of a three legged 11 week old kitten. Her kind and gentle nature belies the scars she came to me wearing. I suspect she was a training target for some local fighting dog breeder. She is about the best stray I have taken in! She is definitely a guard and watch girl but is gentle with tiny children as well as the kittens!

Cindy S

I worked in the pet industry for about 12 years. I met so many sweet and "goofball" pit bulls and mixes, and I really hate what has been done to them. I want to help.


Prince is the best dog I have ever had. He is a pit/lab/boxer mix, with a large portion of that being pit. He is the most cuddly, intelligent, hilarious dog I have ever had. People who are scared of him quickly change their minds when he politely walks up to them and begs to be petted. He is handsome, athletic, and so easily trained. Prince has even started to express emotion with his voice. I once thought that pit bulls were dangerous, but ever since I have accepted one into my life, I feel happier and proud to own one. Adopt a pit bull like I did, you won't regret it!


I grew up with my pit bull Pooh He was wonderfull. We had him for 13 years. When we would have little kids around he would babysit them by laying right next to them. When they cried he barked and ran to us as if he was a concerned parent. We now have two boxer pits they are about 7 and 8 years old. They are great too.

cheryl mcevoy

We have a pit bull mix who is truly one of the sweetest dogs in the world! You can really view his soul by looking in his eyes. Porter is the most loving dog I have ever seen and he craves love and attention. All people he meets adore him! How can anyone judge all dogs of the same breed in the same way? AS with people- it is nature vs.nurture.


I totally accept this article and comments. I wonder if a second educational front should be strengthened to address irresponsible ownership. This second facet seems like a vicious cycle where certain irresponsible individuals seek a big, strong, powerful, "aggressive" dog according to stereotype, raise and train their dog accordingly, hence the dog behaves accordingly in public, exaccerbating fear, or even another random mauling occurs, reinforcing the stereotype? So, I wonder if education should be expanded among these owners or how can this cycle be broken in addition to general public education?

Stephanie Schubert

I have two pits at home - they are wonderful, gentle creatures, and to this day I have yet to meet any person who has a kinder sweeter heart than either one of my dogs.


Forever Pit Bull LOVER <3 <3

Stephanie Schubert
Broomfield, CO