The Truth about Pit Bulls

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 4:00pm

“Pit Bull.” There is no other breed of dog—or arguably, any other animal at all—whose mere mention can elicit such strong opinions. Try a word-associate game with your friends: Ask them what they think of when you say “Pit Bull.” Chances are that by the numbers, their responses will be more negative than positive. And it’s no wonder: No other type of dog is as widely banned from housing, legislated against, or incorrectly vilified by the media.

How did we get here?
Pit Bulls were once widely considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. But in recent years, these dogs have suffered tremendously from a combination of overbreeding, bad publicity and irresponsible owners. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Pits and Pit mixes are sweet goofballs who have gotten a very bad rap.

Learn the truth.
National Pit Bull Awareness Day, on October 27, is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about Pit Bulls and their responsible owners. Please take a moment to learn the truth about these wonderful dogs and consider rescuing one of them from a shelter.

Are you a proud Pit Bull parent? Please participate in National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and help us dispel the myths about these dogs by leaving a comment below about your wonderful pooch.

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Carol Dooley

I was hesitant to adopt a pit bull mix, but after 5 years I must say Pumpkin is the sweetest, most tolerant, dog I have every had.
I have an annoying younger Pomeranian, that takes bones right out of her mouth, and she just sits there patiently and smiles.
Shes a joy, she was adopted at age 7, and is now 12- and she is very much loved.

jennifer robinson

i love pits--our first inside dog (growing up we were not allowed to have 'animals' in the house-so our beagle was an outside pet) was a pitbull named sabrina-OMG she was amazing with my young children at the time and an amazing friend to me. she passed away and our lives were not the same. we now have another pit named corruption-he is awesome! he waggs his tail so hard if it hits you it actually hurts-this is how excited he is when he sees us when coming home from school or work. he gets so excited his whole body wiggles-we have nicknamed him woogie. i have had a few different breeds of dogs and i love them all but pit bulls are the most loyal, loving, gentle best friends there are!!!


In June I saw a posting of a male pit who was to be euth'd. I asked to foster him and by the end of the day all my co-workers said he was going to be mine. Yep, a failed foster and I couldn't be happier, and Angus is too! He has come out of his shell and at 2 yrs old he is a silly as a little pup but smart too. My LAb/Jack Russell mix loves to play and wrestle with him. Angus is the sweetest and most gentle dog, he also loves to lay on his back and give the famous pibble nibbles! He looks like a cartoon when he tries to run on the hardwood floor-his feet move but he doesn't go anywhere! I wouldn't trade my beautiful brindle bed bug for anything. I am the lucky one! Thanks to all the bully advocates!

Veronica Bejarano

Honestly I used to be one of those who has always listened about all the negativity about the breed and soon enough it seems like I closed my ears when someone said anything good about the breed until one day in encountered a little newborn puppy who was in not so good shape myself being such a dog lover I stopped and picked her up and I noticed not ony was she skinny she had a very big opened wound that was th he worst thing I had ever saw I took her home cleaned her up removed all her ticks cleaned her wound and bandaged it and thought that was the only thing I was needing to do now time to focuse on get her to gain weight when she looked like more was going on and sure enough she had parvo so of course it was at a time of me loosing employment and could not afford to have vet keep her until she pulled through it so I looked up any other possible ways without having a vet treat her and I did so I bought severl different things stayed up day and nite with constantly keeping her hydrated giving food food even when she didnt want to and of course my love and faith and when l least expected it she looked up at me with this look like "Im ok mommy thank you for your dedication of getting me well and most your love now you may rest im good" She and I have gained such a great bond never leaving my side goes everywhere with me and is the sweetest best dog that doesnt understand she's not a lap dog but I don't mind lays down when she know its a child that wants to pet her but as sweet as she is I was forced to move atleast three times because of the bad name they have gotten but their was no way I was to seperate myself from her so I moved and moved until I found a place for us to be accepted she is going to be 2yrs old and their is nothing that would ever make me get rid of her we have been through so many obsticles in these two years I cant even mention it all but if their is something I do know is that I have changed my mind on the way I look at pitts I now understand its not a bad breed its its bad owners and irrisponsible people are using these poor dogs for bad making their life in this world hard because its hard to make people listen about the positive things. I end my story about my blue fawn baby girl sky by saying "Mommy loves you ".


Wow some of you people are so ignorant it astounds me. Pit Bulls are NOT the problem. It is people who breed them to fight, train them to be mean because they want a tough dog, overbreed them because they want to make money, AND people who believe that Pit Bulls are vicious animals (who just add to the unjustifiable media frenzy). Pit Bulls are not a naturally vicious animal, people make them that way (through all of the things listed above).


I am a house Mom, I have 48 girls, in house, plus Tia my pit, girls love her, in fact they ask me if they can go to my apartment to see her. Tia is a lady. I will never have another breed,she is a clown. Tia has never never shown aggreshion, also sleep with Tia, in a singal bed, bed hog.

David J Trask

I am the proud owner of Lady Sage, my female Stafforshire Terrier. otherwise know as a terrier/pit bull mix. She is the friendliest and most loving dog I['ve ever known. We rescued her from the SPCA serving Erie County. She was turned in because her owners landlords insurance wanted to raise rates because of the breed. This is nothing but predjudice and based on baloney and stories and mis information. Ultimately, someone will challenge the insurance companies abojut this and they will lose but, until then. What a shame because Sage is well mannered and obviously well cared for, albeit, one litter of pups, which is now an impossibility. In the meantime, we are continually training her and she responds. What a pleasure. Kids should be this easy and obey. I hope this awareness day will have an impact and especially where the breed is outlawed, such as in Ontario Province in Canada and various townships throughout this country.

Diana Lopez

We have 2 kids. Our first dog is Jack. We have to others but Jack is our Pit mix. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and loves to cuddle on any lap that is offered and give kisses to anybody who comes in our door. If we got robbed he would be more likely to give them kisses than to attack. He is a huge goofball too who loves to dance and does flips any time we come home, or when he gets a treat. It is a shame that Pits get such a bad rap because he is so gentle with the kids. If they are crying for any reason he goes up and kisses them to try to make it better. I do not think we could have asked for a better dog for our first. He gets along amazing with the other two dogs we have as well!


I obtained my pit bull, Duke, by default. He was a gift to my daughter from boyfriend at the time. Boyfriend wanted him back after break-up, but I had strange feelings that he didnt'want him to love and care for so I kept him. Anyway, Duke, aka Dukie-head, Big Head, Handsome, is the sweetest soul I have ever encountered. He has beautiful "human eyes". If voices get raised during a discussion, he gets very concerned and will go and lean against the recipient of the loud voices and stare at the one with the loud voice as if to say "Please don't raise your voice". He loves to sleep in the bed and takes up so much space but is so warm and comforting. If he hears dogs barking outside, he will jump into my lap as if asking for protection. He sits in my husband's lap each night for hours, even though he takes up most of the chair. He must have human contact at all times, either sitting next to , on top of, or leaning against his humans. He is such a kind boy who has been around the planet before, I truly believe. His only downfall is that I cannot get him to walk on the leash and I get pulled and tugged all over, but I keep working at it. Any suggestions from any one about leash walking? He's 3 now, maybe it's too late to train him. I use a harness and it helps a bit, but wish I could make him behave on the leash. This dog is truly unique, but I'm guessing a lot of pit owners feel the same. He is so loving and gentle and sweet...When he came to us we had our 6 year old husky/sheppard mix female. She is definitely the boss of Duke and he looks to her for permission before touching any food that is being divvied out. I wish that pits didn't get such a bad rap. Now I hear that Michael Vick is a dog owner again. Can I tell you how sickening that is.

Maria Johnston

We have a 5 year old pitbull named Abbi and a 9 year old pit mix named Zoie. Both girls are rescues; Zoie from a shelter as a 10 week old puppy who had been abandone and Abbi from a vet's office after she had been viciously beaten by her previous owner (she was 4 months old when he beat her, shattering her right rear leg, requiring extensive surgery and two steel rods which she will keep for the rest of her life). Despite having had less than favorable treatment by their previous "humans," these two girls absolutely love people! Abbi received her CGC title at the age of 14 months old and received her therpy certification (through TDI) at the age of 15 months old. She works at a few different facilities locally and is loved by residents, patients and staff at each respective place she visits. My husband and I (along with the rest of our family) are totally smitten with them. Pitbulls are truly different than any other breed; and for this reason, they will always be our breed of choice!