The Truth about Pit Bulls

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 4:00pm

“Pit Bull.” There is no other breed of dog—or arguably, any other animal at all—whose mere mention can elicit such strong opinions. Try a word-associate game with your friends: Ask them what they think of when you say “Pit Bull.” Chances are that by the numbers, their responses will be more negative than positive. And it’s no wonder: No other type of dog is as widely banned from housing, legislated against, or incorrectly vilified by the media.

How did we get here?
Pit Bulls were once widely considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. But in recent years, these dogs have suffered tremendously from a combination of overbreeding, bad publicity and irresponsible owners. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Pits and Pit mixes are sweet goofballs who have gotten a very bad rap.

Learn the truth.
National Pit Bull Awareness Day, on October 27, is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about Pit Bulls and their responsible owners. Please take a moment to learn the truth about these wonderful dogs and consider rescuing one of them from a shelter.

Are you a proud Pit Bull parent? Please participate in National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and help us dispel the myths about these dogs by leaving a comment below about your wonderful pooch.

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My brother has a female Pitt bull about 2 yrs old and she is the sweetest, most gentle dog ive ever seen. We have cats and she plays with them and my 2 chihuahahs everyday. We have had her since she was a small puppy and never once had an issue with her.

Hi. My name is Jo, and I'm the founder of Stubbys Heroes. We promote responsible dog ownership, partner with local organizations to advocate on behalf of the adoption of Pit Bulls; sponosor spay/neuter initiatives; fight Breed Specific Legislation (BSL); and educate the community, media and policy makers regarding the preservation of an American icon - the Pit Bull. When I lived in New York, I have to admit that I was terrified of them, and I think that admitting this to those trying to enforce BSL, is what helps me to win them over, at least to listen to me. I explain to them that these dogs came from very hard working and humble beginnings; true representatives of the America we treasure - dedicated, strong, family-oriented, and protectors - they should be considered as nobelity, rather than villified. My own family consists of four resident dogs that found me, and a foster dog for Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue in Dallas, GA. Of the five dogs, three are Pit Bull females. All of our dogs are sp/eutered, they are up to date, and social. They get daily exercise, play time, time-out time when appropriate, and lay more on our King sized bed than we do. I do not believe that the current status of this loving breed will change, unless WE advocates, change our approach. I have witnessed some emotionally charged behavior at local commissioner and council meetings, and all that it's managed to accomplish is to draw a deeper wedge between the policy makers and community, and we, the advocates and Pit Bull caretakers. I don't think that until our approach becomes one of calm, patient, compassionate education and daily representation of what a real Pit Bull owner is, will our dogs get the fair shake that they deserve. To accomplish this, our group is organizing Atlanta's First Bully Breed March next weekend Oct. 27th. While we march for Lennox of Belfast and to represent all the dogs dying in our shelters and on our streets nationally, the march is an opportunity for us to show the community WHO WE ARE - responsible dog owners, and their dogs. Being the breed Pit Bull is secondary. Being an American icon, is primary.


I found my gentle 2 year old Daisy Dog living on the street in a poor neighborhood where locals told me she had been dropped off as a puppy (white pits are undesirable to breeders). She lived near a school where children yelled, chased and threw things at her. After 3 days I was able to get her into my car, and with a little patience and just a few hours of professional training, she's a new dog. I have 8 cats that boss her around and she's a favorite at our local dog park and doggy day care. So glad I gave her a chance!


MY dog ROXy is a full Pit Bull/Terrier she is beautiful friendly loves to cuddle snuggle play and is ery jealous of anyone who I'm giving attention that's not her lol.Even my fiance get's pissed say's I love the Dog more which isn't far from the truth.J/p I love you both!! Anyway she is a playful dog and yes she bark's when people come to the door that she doesn't recognize but when I give her the o she'll be all over you licking you in your face jumping running all around trying to play or get pet.I love Pit bulls they are the best breed dog you can have I have had retrieer's German Shepard's Norwegion Elk Hound's beagle's etc. No dog yet other than the Pitbull German shepard mix I had yes a mut! Was close to what anyone could eer ask for in a dog I mean these dog's hae their own personality's just like other dog's but much more detailed I mean they act like human's I'm not jokeing anyone who has a Pitbull and a good relationship like I do with my animals will tell you it's just unlike anything youve seen or just way different than other animals!! My pit's neer let my side honestly didn't eer need a leash to walk them but it's law but around the house they were just naturally just by my side where I went so did they other breeds are more likely to run off and not listen from my exp.not saying all or you can't train them to but Pitbulls are 1 of the most loyalst breed I have eer seen in my history of dog's. They hae ton's of energy can keep up with you as long as you can and tons more. They are very quick leaner's I hae had to put a bit more time in with the current Pit I have now she is a bit hyper but she just gets so exited wants to lick you to death she lose's concentration but still is very simple to train once I get her attention or figure out how to get her attention which really isnt all that difficult can be though depending on the task but when I do she picks it up almost immediatly!!! She will protect me from anyone or thing and no she is not violent and knows whne to act if Im scared she's got me if Im like not sure about something she's on guard.If me and my fiance are fighting she starts barking and growling because she doesnt like us fighting alot of times shell ewen put herself in the middle it's actully funny but weird to see a dog be a mediator lol!!! Anyway at night when Im in my bed she cuddles with me when its extremely cold to keep us warm.She knows if I'm sick she kinda slowly come up and lick me very eer so soft not like usual when Im fine or playing same when I cry but only she comes up slow then licks the hell out of you catching all your tears!! I would never trade her in for anything I will always have a Pitbull in my life in my house for as long as I live just my life wouldnt be the same w/o she is beyong happy wagging her tail when I come home and when i walk aaway starts crying not like that annoying wippy yipe more of a cry then lays down and gets all calm !!!! She will come up and walk to the door letting me know hey I want to go poo or pee if Im not sure shell bark and go to the door. Shes so human in so many ways .Sorry to go on and on but she is the best and not just her every dog Ive eer had dogs are awesome but I love my Pitbulls and I would just like to say that she was at the shelter I got her at 8weeks old the people had puppy and they didnt want her because she was female and the runt of the litter but Im glad they gae her up or I wouldnt hae gotten her we were made to get her she came up to me as soon as they brought her lil furry but in the room jumped right into my arms went to sleep got back up and licked my dad in the face with her pup breathe lol .I think this is important to sorry but the first Pitbull i eer brought home my dad flipped telling me that I need to get rid of that thing and etc.So i came home from work the next day and they are playing in the yard he starts treating her like gold and takeing her to et etc then when she was old and died we got Roxy like i SAID AT THE SHELTER and we went back for months nothing but older dogs and dogs that just didnt show intrest soon as we saw the Pitbull pup i said dad how about this one and like i said went into the room she was all oer us both and now we have another pitbull and my dad likes pitbulls alot and understand them and see's that they are great dawgs and much more they are family and its bad people who make these dogs do these things the dog doesnt know but whatr its owner teache's alls they want to do is please their owner's like i said very loyal so if you tech it something it will do it the best to its ability because they want to be loyal and please you. So iw opuld like to end this with if your on the fence about pits or scarred then I honestly suggest to get a puppy and raise it tell me what you think after youe had a chance to bond with it for 6months a year and tell me if you still feel the same way.You know it's not just Pitbulls who are aleedgedly mean other dogs have eatn babies etc but are neer reported like the pitbull the pitbull does something automatically in the news its partly the way media portrays this animal as very vicious I also wouls like to say any dog can turn on you not just pitbulls Ive seen it little dogs anhd big dogs and they werent pit's I do howeer suggest if you have neer had a pitbull that i wouldnt advise you on getting an older dog unless the shelter says its good for older people and is sure of the history on it like the people just couldnt afford it i mean if youve never dealt with this type of breed they are very powerful and strong and need to be handled accordingly so just do research on what you want in a dog what you like about dos do all your homework and talk to people shelter's et's and go from their to decide if this dog or breed style is right for you. Thnks again for listening sorry for spelling errors etc Im rushing and the keyboard sticks needs to be replaced sorry for anything hard to understand as well but hopefully this might help someone out their!!!!


We have an adorable and sweet American Pit Bull Terrier who we rescued from a gas station that she was left to die at. We found her tied to a pole with no food, no water and she was crying. She was really timid at first, but now is a rambunctious angel. She fits in so well to our family with two other dogs. Please don't believe that pit bulls are bad, it's their criminal owner who are.


My daughter rescued a "Little Rascals Petey lookalike" Pit when the dog was a 6 month old puppy from people who kept her crated 24/7. She is not only adorable to look at, with a Sharpie marker drawn circle around her eye she is a ringer for Petey and all the parebt's recognize her "costume" at Halloween when we give out candy. Rita, or RiRi for short, is a sweet, affectionate girl who loves my toddle neices and nephews and guards them when they go to the back yard pool. She stands on the pool steps to keep them out and when one jumps in, she jumps in after them to pull them out. She sleeps in my bed (under the covers), goes to doggy daycare where she is the favoirte of all the dogs there, plays a great game of tug of war and keep away with her bone and is an excellent guard dog to boot. My elderly parents have recently moved in with me so I can care for them and though I have to go out of town once every week or so, I never worry about them being along as long as Rita is on guard. She gets along famously with my Boston terrier and tuxedo kitty and will give the cat a wide berth when he walks by because he swats her periodically to remind her who is boss.

Before I inherited Rita, I had a very bad attitude about Pit Bulls and used to ask people who owned them if they were afraid of there own dogs and swore I would never own one. Rita is a special girl and I an no longer afraid of the breed and I fully trust Rita with anyone or any other animal.

Tired of stereo...

Seriously, some people are SO incredibly dramatic and paranoid. "They are killers!?!" Excuse me but, what the heck ISN'T? Most life is capable of killing in some fashion and humans are the worst in that category! You are human and sit there pointing the finger at a breed that is more good, kind, loyal, devoted, friendly, and even tempered than most humans deserve in a companion! You come off with flaming statements like, "They are all prone to snap at any given moment." That is paranoid crap from someone who is believing hype, not researching facts, and using big drama to display the fear that is formed through ignorance in order to persuade others to your way of thinking. It makes me think of a maniac running through town shouting of the Apocalypse. I love my pitgirl - she is the best dog I have ever had and I am also fostering a pitgirl baby that is 10 months old and is very friendly, social, listens well, learns quick, a very smart girl, she walks well, she loves to play, and is just an all-around great pup. There are no monsters in my home. These animals are sweet and loving. If any were to snap, it would likely be my Chi rather than either of the Pits. By the way, that bit of information is also very consistent with so many other pits that I have met and been around. They LOVE people!

Gloria Reta

I owned a pit named Bugsy a couple of years ago, he passed away from cancer. To this day I still get emotional when I think of him. He was such the sweetiest and smartest dog I ever owned. He scared people with his size and muscled body, but if they only knew that he was a big softy who only wanted to jump on you and play. Just like Linus, one of Charlie Brown's character, he had a blanky that he dragged around with him when it was sleepy time. He also greeted me everyday at the door and carried my purse into the house.
We loved him so much and it broke my families heart to lose him.
I presently own 3 shelter dogs, a chihuahua, hound dog and a boxer but I will never forget My Bugsy.
I plan to adopt another pitbull in the near future because I love the breed and maybe I'll name it Bugsy.


Sadie was running loose on the street in front of my apt. in LA. I ended up swooping her up, getting her fixed and tried to find a home for her. (I had been told that the shelter had a no adoption policy or I probably would have turned her in). She had a lot of energy, sort of a dog spring. She would see anything interesting and from all four feet on the ground she would be jumping above the door frame in seconds. She joined my other dog and 3 cats in my apartment where I worked from home. She didn't like many other dogs and after a year of adoption shows I had grown too attached, but I also knew I couldn't keep her in my current living situation. About the time I made that decision, I discovered a community where I could afford to buy a house. Within a year I was moved to a whole new community, in a house picked out for Sadie. The very first improvement was a fence to secure the 3500 sq ft. back yard so she and Cleo had lots of room to run around. Over the years, Sadie became more and more accepting of other dogs, as I've had my share of foster dogs move through my home. On the few instances when someone might have left the gate open, and my other adventurers were out exploring the neighborhood, there was Sadie in the fenced backyard, sitting next to the open gate, wagging her tail, shaking, because I think she wanted to go with them so badly, but she knew she wasn't suppose to leave the yard. At the end of 2009, 13 years after I swooped her up off the streets of LA, her body was giving out and a really big snow storm was coming. I'm here because of Sadie. The choice to buy this house was one of the best choices I've ever made and Sadie belonged on this property and so she's here forever, at the place she loved that was purchased especially for her. I am very grateful that I had my pit bull. Sometimes I wonder who rescued who.


my pit bull named lilymoo is two and half and i rescued her from a horrible person who was trying to sell her and her brothers and sisters on a street corner.he asked me if i wantd to buy a puppy i said not the ones he had in the bag,i asked if he had other ones he said yes that the mother pit bull dog had thirteen puppies.i went and looked at the other puppies and while standing there i was talking to the puppies and just asking who wanted to come home with me?and one little black female puppy kept jumping up and licking my hand so i gave the man twenty dollars to buy dog food and took lily home with me.the next day we had to take her to the vet and she had alot of problems but the biggest one being a upper respiratory infection,two hundred dollars later we took her home and we cared for her properly and now she is a very enrgetic playful dog who is on regular medicine due to her allergies but we love her regardless and i someone asks why we have a pit bull i ell them becaus she picked me and we love between the age of six months and one year we had alot of problems with her being a over energetic puppy who tore up everything but we taught her no and she hasnt done it for over a year and a half now!!!!!my pit is all black except one white spot under her chin but she will always be my baby she shares a house with five cats and my other dog which is a labrador retriver who also was a rescue........